I’m currently taking part in Jenna Kutcher’s #theinstagramlab course, which is a week long program to help us all connect more authentically. I love this idea. As we are on day 2 of the challenge it has me considering a lot about who I am and my life, as well as, what I want to share here with this community.

On two separate occasions over the last few weeks I have had conversations with friends about joy and comparison. There is the age old quote that says, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Especially in this social media, perfection obsessed world this is such an important reminder. It’s so easy right? To see someone else’s post or just their life and think, “man, why don’t I have that?” But wow does this totally take away from YOUR incredible life and everything you have been blessed with. Let’s not compare ourselves to others, let’s cheer on our friends, celebrate grace, not perfection while always focusing on our dreams, our lives and the ones we love the most. Comparison is a nasty game that will only rob you of the most incredible gift God can give us – a joyful heart.

Often when we talk about what we want in life we will say, “I want to be happy!” This is all well and good and quite wonderful but happy is an emotion, not an attitude of the heart. Take joy and place it on your heart. Let all that you do be filtered through that joy and let it radiate from deep down inside.

Photo by L’Amour Fou Wedding

Well, what does a joyful heart look like? It’s different for everyone but for me, choosing to focus on the positive moments, no matter how small, has been the simplest step. Noticing a cool breeze on a hot summer day, the extra sweet watermelon, the way your dog looks at you with unconditional love, the smell of the fresh cut grass (one of my favorites!), the way your sister makes you laugh, the feeling of holding your husband’s hand. These are all so simple! But truly, they make such an impact when we focus on them because then those negative thoughts comparing ourselves to others completely disappear. We are left with joy because there is nothing else but these incredible heart filling moments throughout our days.

I hope as we get to know each other we can share our joys. Too often we focus on our struggles, which are important to recognize but let’s focus on our joyful heart, our gratitude for this life, the excitement of another day to try again. All incredible gifts that are so simple if we only choose to be mindful of them.

Talk to me. What do you think? What makes you joyful? How can we spread the joy?

Love, The Adams

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