Well, here we are!

Wow! This is REAL and I can’t actually believe it. I am overjoyed but also a bit nervous about this new adventure, so bear with me and let’s enjoy every moment together.

Kinda sums me up right there!

I’ve thought about starting a blog a couple times over the last few years but only recently did I feel passionately draw to explore it further. I can recall many times where the information, stories or products I read about on a blog were put to use in my life. I often find myself saying to Peter, “I read this story on this blog I follow.” or “This blogger mentioned this today, isn’t that a great idea?” I wanted to share this with others too. My blog may not be like many others (which is okay and great!) but I hope that what I, and we, share here enriches your life as much as possible. As we go along I am sure I will establish a definitive vibe but I want to talk about everything because I mean, that’s what life is really like, right? It contains everything – the good, bad, big, small, happy, sad.

Truly, what I want to achieve is a place for us all to chat and share together. I will treat our relationship just as I would my closest friends because I feel we can all benefit from an open, close community where we all feel fulfilled. Wherever your life is right now, AWESOME. Bring that here and share with us. Life is not perfect but I promise we can find the positive and joy in each day. It is so much easier to seek this out than to feel lonely, anxious, negative. And the best part is, we can support each other through this, whatever this is. We are here and we cannot wait to begin this chapter.

Love, The Adams

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