Friday Favorites

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Friday!!! We made it!

Who is ready for the weekend?! Insert my hand raised way high right now. As summer always approaches I think, “oh I’m so excited, we are going to have so many beach days and weekends in Maine, relaxing.” Then the summer comes and the sunshine and fresh air just make Peter and I want to do all sorts of work on our house. So that is what we will be up to this weekend! Patio planning, planting some veggies and flowers and serious cleaning. Anyway, I wanted to share some favorites from this week and hopefully they will get you that much more excited for the weekend! Enjoy, see you Monday!!

gallery walls

We are planning out a gallery wall for our living room. It has been on our list since we finished the room a few months back but other projects have pushed it down in priority. I am loving all of this gallery wall inspiration. Scrolling through Pinterest looking at some of these gallery walls can be a little intimidating making you overthink it or obsess about it being perfect. I am going to try to focus on what we like and what feels good for us. After all, we are the ones who have to live in the room! I love the different gallery walls they discuss on Patch of Earth and am using this to loosely inspire our wall!


I shared this picture on Instagram earlier in the week and it just makes me so happy to be back in sandal season. Sandals feel so fun and easy to me plus there are such a variety of different options. Add a fun pop of color with your pedicure and you’re good to go. My shoes are like 12 years old (but still going strong!) so I found a few similar pairs.

our library

I have always loved going to the bookstore because of the smell and the simple feeling of being surrounded by all these books. You feel inspired being there! But then you pick up the desired book and realize it’s $30 for a book you’re going to read and then maybe stick on a bookshelf or more likely a box in the attic. I’m all for having a wonderful book collection but when you’re cranking through books it can get a bit pricey. Thankfully we have libraries! And they are sent straight from above for all us book lovers. Any book you want, for free, just for living in your town. I have been on a reading kick lately and have been checking out books every week. I absolutely love my little library!

Our current books:

my curling iron

When it comes to all things hair I am a pretty simple girl. As of late, I’ve been letting my hair air dry because it allows for extra sleep in the morning and it’s so darn easy. Plus I love the way it looks! With that being said, I do love to style my hair a little differently for a special occasion or a night out with my husband. My wonderful friend Victoria Gloria  filled me in on this curling iron when we were out karaoke-ing our butts off last month. I quickly ordered it off of Amazon and haven’t looked back. It is so easy to use and gives me the look of my curls being polished and a little messy but not overdone.

This is a quick 5 minute curl job but to give you an idea of the look! Side note, not sure why I wasn’t smiling in this picture?! Just know I was super happy when I took it!

porcelain wood tiles

Over the last few months Peter has been remodeling our former screened porch into a four season sunroom. It has been such a transformation and he is in the home stretch. I will definitely share all of the details soon! This past weekend he started laying the tile floors and I am obsessed. We have hardwood floors throughout the rest of our house but knew that the sunroom would be getting a lot of indoor/outdoor use so we wanted something that would be easy to clean, could stand the constant wear and tear of Walden and would still look beautiful and flow with the rest of our home. Porcelain wood tiles to the rescue! We scooped ours up on major sale at Lowe’s a couple months back and I am so excited to see them in the room now.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!!

Love, The Adams



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