Can’t Monday be a funday, too?!

Monday…that came quickly!! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We got a ton done around the house and then yesterday was absolutely gorgeous so we went out for a great hike with Walden. I seriously love how happy it makes him to be running around like a nutcase.

I wanted to start a series called Monday intentions. Basically, I want us to be mindful in how we spend our time during the week. This has always been a challenge for me, but I can truly notice a difference when I choose to be aware of myself and my habits.

This means thinking about what you intend for yourself or what you want to accomplish today, this week, month, or year. It can be something simple like, “I want to smile more often.” Or something more quantitative like, “I want to read two books this week.” Either way, you are focusing on being mindful of your goals, your attitude and how you spend your time.

As we begin this week I want to share my three intentions and goals with you. I would absolutely love to hear what your hopes and dreams are for the moments and weeks to come! Focusing on our perspective and how we will approach the challenges of life is how we will grow and become even stronger, more joyful individuals.

  • Finish my next book!

    I have been cranking through books recently and it is truly making me SO. happy. I have not read this much since I was forced to read every night before bed as a kid. #givemeallthebooks

  • Focus on tasks at hand.

    I can often get a bit distracted while working on something, both at work and at home. This just leads to an inefficient use of time and tasks taking longer! Which, who wants that?! I’m going to try and get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Get outside!

    So I started writing these intentions on Friday. It was heavy on my mind that we hadn’t gone on a nice hike in a while. Then, first thing Sunday morning Peter suggested we go out for a hike. It’s like, I set this on my heart, put it out  into the world and Peter sensed it. Also, because I was intentional with my time on Saturday I had zero guilt about going off on a hike. Whenever we do this Peter and I both feel so fulfilled and content. Although I already met this goal I’m keeping it on here because I want to do the same this week. It was completely rejuvenating.


Let’s see how I do. Please share!!! What goals do you have for the week? Or even each day! I’m always looking to feel inspired so please fill me in. Hope you all have a beautiful day!

Love, The Adams

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