Life lately

I wanted to give you a peek at what life lately has looked like for the Adams! I always love getting to see how people truly live and what they do on a day to day basis. The past few months have been crazy busy for us so it’s been nice to be home the last couple weeks to enjoy the beginning of summer!

My best friend (since we were 2), Catherine, got married in May! The day was absolutely stunning, magical and everything I’d want for my best friend. It’s crazy going through every stage of life with friends. I still think of us as four year olds playing house! TIME FLIES!! But what a beautiful gift it is to have lifelong friendships. This was on our way to the ceremony. One of three minutes I wasn’t crying. #imacrier #likebawling

Mr. and Mrs. Adams celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Rob Stone!!! We had the best weekend celebrating. I love weddings! And my man!

The morning after the wedding (in Maryland) my brother, Henry, was graduating from college in Rhode Island. We jumped on the first flight to Providence and saw our little Hank grab that diploma!!! 

This was after graduation brunch. Henry was beside himself that he was now part of the real world. Peter scooped him right up to comfort him 😂

The stone delivery for our wall and patio! Peter busted out the most gorgeous wall all around our house. I’ll share more soon, I am still speechless over my husband’s skill!

This kid is turning 30 next month!!!! What a precious nugget my husband was! I was going through old photos for the invitations for the party and ended up picking this one. It’s just way too cute. I love him!!

There’s been a lot of back breaking work going on in here for Mr. Adams!

As I mentioned in my Friday favorites last week, I have been reading up a storm. This was in my parent’s backyard last week reading The Light Between Oceans. My heart is aching from this book. I’ll do a book review next week to give you the full scoop!

Vivid Hue Home is a few minutes away from my office so I stopped over one afternoon last week. I had never been and am now officially obsessed. They have the cutest, most fun collection of unique gifts and home items. Plus, all these bright colors!!! You’re instantly in a good mood when you walk through the door. 

Homemade popcorn a la Peter. It’s like having kettlecorn at a fair. To. die. for. This was Friday night as we were diving into Bloodline. ADDICTED. To popcorn and Bloodline. 

Over at my parents for dinner and this is Walden’s favorite place to be when we are sitting around the table. Endless entertainment with this one!

Out on our Sunday hike! 

Walden has taken a liking to chasing flies around the house. Don’t even ask how that became a thing because I don’t have a clue. I was cleaning our bedroom on Sunday and he had one cornered. 

More reading, this time with chocolate. Add it to the list of addictions. And guys, this is the best flavor of chocolate you will ever put in your mouth in the history of the universe. Go buy it now!!! I’d buy it in bulk if I could. 

Speaking of bulk, my cart at Costco yesterday. Stocking up on some goodies! It’s amazing (read: disturbing) to me how quickly two people can go through bulk packages of food. We’ve got the usual suspects going on in here but then, the best surprise that I just want to scream from the rooftops!!! Chickpea fusilli pasta!!! And it’s DELICIOUS. We eat minimal grains and starches so finding this pasta was like it came straight from the heavens. I whipped it up for dinner tonight and I’ll be eating it for every meal the rest of the week and eternity. THANK YOU COSTCO!!! 

Okay, my friends! That’s our sweet little life lately. What have you guys been doing?! 

Love, The Adams

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