Friday Favorites

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Guys, here we are again! During the summer months I have every other Friday off and it is the best treat to have these three day weekends. I go back on Monday completely refreshed and ready for the week ahead. So, cheers to a longer weekend for me! I hope you all bust out an awesome end of the week and have a weekend filled with joy and lots of laughter!


Okay, so who has watched Bloodline on Netflix?! There are no words. Peter and I watched marathoned Season 1 over Thanksgiving this past year and were hooked from there. It’s always a tricky thing coming out with a Season 2 of a show whose first season was just too damn good. We were a little on the fence because it can go either way but oh my, did it deliver. The mystery, the anxiety, the characters. Amazing. The actors are incredible and you feel like you are right there as part of their family, going through it with them. I am already dying for Season 3, any word on that?! I NEED ANSWERS. Now that we are finished with Bloodline we are searching for a new Netflix show, any recommendations?? I have such a love/hate relationship with Netflix because it’s awesome to be able to watch so many episodes in a row but also, THEN IT’S OVER!!! It kills me. Hit me with some show ideas, please!

kale face

My sister-in-law sells this face mask through Perfectly Posh and I loveeee it. I mean, the name alone, Kale Face, genius. I have sensitive, dry skin and this mask just rejuvenates my face. It starts with a little bit of a tingle but is then so soothing. It gets all those nasty toxins out with the power of lots of green plants and herbs! Love that. Also, I don’t get asked or paid by Perfectly Posh (or anyone!) but truly, this stuff is magic. They are natural, paraben free skincare products (from soaps to eye cream to face masks), most filled with lovely essential oils and EVERYTHING is under $25. And I think I’ve only seen one product that was actually $25. I have noticed such a difference in my skin since using it. Go check it out, for real, you will not be disappointed. Your skin will give you a major pat on the back.

my girlfriends

While it’s almost been a year since our wedding (crazy!) it’s officially been a year since my bachelorette party in Newport, Rhode Island. It was such a me weekend, meaning it was very appropriate for who I am and what I love. Every single second was perfect. Some photos popped up this week on Facebook reminding me “1 year ago” you were doing this. I just about screamed because I was so excited to see the pictures but also bummed because I just want to go live it all over again!! I have my fabulous maid-of-honor, my sister, Grace, to thank for planning such an amazing weekend. All in all, I’m just thankful for good, lifelong, strong friendships. Ones where it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen them, it goes right back to where you left off. You hang on to those friends, those are the best ones. Note: a few other friends like this are not pictured. You all are included in this love fest!

our stone wall

I think I’ve mentioned this in almost every blog post #guilty but my husband just built a stunning stone wall around our house! I shared this picture on Instagram last week of the finished product and I keep going back to just stare at it when I’m at work. For real, I do this. Ha! Peter is never one to shy away from a project and this was one he has been talking about doing since we bought our house. I am in LOVE with how it came out and extremely proud of him for busting his butt to complete it in one weekend. I think it just frames our house perfectly and really makes it stand out. Plus, once those hydrangeas bloom it will be a whole other level of pretty!

kinky moves

Leave in conditioner, that is. It’s by Not Your Mother’s, whose products I have loved for a while. I’ve used a few different ones over the past few years and they are all amazing. Their Kinky Moves Leave In Conditioner is ideal for this sleep in late/air dry hair/out the door girl. You really don’t need a lot for this to work. In fact, using too much will weigh your hair down and make it a bit greasy by the end of the day. I just brush my hair out after my shower, put a dollop of this throughout my hair (working it in from the back and kind of scrunching my hair as I go), then I twirl it up into a little bun, which I secure with a small butterfly clip. I go about getting ready – mascara, dressed, make lunch – I take the clip out and I’m out the door. Quick, frizz free, natural waves for the day. All thanks to this little bottle of love!


As I mentioned in my life lately post on Wednesday, I stocked up at Costco earlier in the week. One of the items in my cart was a big case of Spindrift Seltzer! I tried Spindrift at a sandwich shop in Providence a few years ago and loved it but haven’t seen it since. I was excited when a friend posted on Facebook that she bought it at Costco. Well, as soon as I spotted it on Tuesday I scooped ‘er right up. We drink a lot, a lot, a lot of seltzer in our house (and in my family, my parents have like 12 cases of Polar at all times) so I know what’s up in the seltzer game. These are so delicious. They have unique flavors such as cucumber and grapefruit and are only seltzer with fresh squeezed juice. Simple and oh so good. My favorite flavors are grapefruit and lemon , if you ever get a chance to try them, do it up, they are refreshing.


This basically sums up my feelings on Spindrift!

Go out and love that weekend of yours, I’ll see you Monday!

Love, The Adams



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