Let’s do this, Monday!

Good morning, Monday!!!

Well friends, I’m pretty proud of myself for how I focused on my intentions last week.

  • Finish my next book – done! Onto the next already and loving it. 
  • Focus on the task at hand – improvement, always working on this. 
  • Get outside – done! We spent almost all weekend outside working in our yard. Loved every minute of it.

A new week, new intentions. I love sharing these with you here because it really keeps me accountable to staying focused on what I want for myself for the week. I would love for you to share with me too! Like anything, it helps to have a partner because you always have someone looking out for you and your goals.

  • Stay on top of housekeeping

    I love when the house is all nice and clean are day full of cleaning but I fail to tidy up, sweep or stay on top of chores during the week. I want to be conscious of keeping the house clean and organized throughout the week, not just on cleaning day!

  • Set the phone down

    I know we are all guilty of this and that so much of life happens through these little technological devices. But! Even more life happens away from them and it’s always the most important moments we share when we put our phones down. I want to be sure I set the phone down and just be present, spend time with my husband in the moment not being distracted by anything on my phone.

  • Exercise three times

    We eat pretty darn healthy in our house and we both love to exercise but recently life has just been so busy I have gotten out of my rhythm of getting to the gym. I always feel incredible after a work out and want to figure out how to get into a schedule that allows me to get to the gym (or go for a run) a minimum of three times a week. This may mean going to bed earlier so I can get up earlier. Although, this has always been a challenge because I really do love my sleep. However it happens I want to make exercise a priority this week!

    See how happy I was after my run last week?!

    Now I’m off to kick this Monday into full gear. Always taking my goals from last week and building on them in the weeks following. I hope this Monday is a great start to your week!

    Love, The Adams

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