Friday Favorites

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Woohoooo!!! It is a beautiful Friday here in New England and I am thrilled its the weekend. We will be busy working on the yard and the house on Saturday and then off to enjoy the Yankees game with our wonderful friends on Sunday! Still a Red Sox fan, though. Don’t worry. This week seemed to fly by, which just gets us one step close to our long weekend in Maine next week. Insert every celebration emoji here. Happy weekend-ing, guys!!!

collagen powder

A few months back I read an article someone posted about the health benefits of collagen powder, especially for women. I’ve heard numerous people mention how great it is for our health and then Bev Cooks posted about how she had been taking it and felt like she had an extra little pep in her step and her skin felt much better. Well, I’m here to say they are all 100% completely correct! I love this little tub of collagen. Collagen is a long chain amino acid and has insane benefits which include improved skin and hair, strengthened teeth and nails, boosted metabolism, aids in detox and even reduces cellulite and stretch marks. And truly, that’s only a few of the general benefits, it can get much more complex and scientific but I mean, those few alone are amazing. You can consume it in a pill form but then you have to take like 6 pills a day so I buy this tub and it lasts me about 4-5 weeks using 1 scoop each day. I used to mix it in with my ginger tea but have since started adding it to my morning smoothie and it’s amazing! There is no taste to it so you can really add it to anything you like! Just to give you an idea, I ran out of this a couple weeks ago and kept forgetting to go buy more. During those ten or so days I noticed SUCH a difference. I felt much more tired and bloated, my skin felt drier and I was breaking out. Just no bueno. I restocked on Monday and have noticed how much better I feel when taking it. Major, major favorite right here.

stitch fix

This picture is dark and has awful lighting because I didn’t get to open the box until it was dark outside but still haaad to take a picture. So, excuse that fact. I plan on posting about all of the goodies Stitch Fix sent me next week but I just wanted to share my love for this service. Basically, you go on their website and fill out a style survey/profile. They ask you all sorts of questions on your preferences and show you pictures of different outfits to rate so they can get a genuine feel for your style. Then, you sign up for deliveries, as often as you like, and voila, a beautiful box of clothes on your doorstep! You can keep as many of the items as you like (they send 5) or send them all back. If you decide to keep something then you are charged at that point for the total amount of the items you select. But if you send it all back there is no charge! That’s the best part to me because I don’t feel committed to anything. I can keep something if I love it or send it back if I don’t. My stylist has been amazing so far, I’ll show you everything she picked next week!

almond butter

Peep those new, beautiful, porcelain tile floors. My man sure can lay some tile! I’m all like, “hey there, you pretty wood floors,” and they’re like “oh hey, we’re porcelain, girl!” Moving on…….

I don’t remember how Peter got into almond butter but over the last few months we have become total converts. I think we scooped up an inexpensive jar at Marshalls one time or something. Marshalls is always great for an inexpensive bottle or jar of something that is typically pricey. (Thanks, Marshalls!) We both used to eat peanut butter every day but once we tried almond butter there was no turning back. We typically go through this Costco sized jar in a week because we both love it so much and put a nice hefty spoonful in our morning smoothies. It almost tastes like a delicious, nutty sugar cookie to me. I loveee it, thanks for getting us hooked, babe! Walden is also a nut butter connoisseur, he can’t get enough and is always so sneaky to make sure he hits up mom and dad for a taste when we are blending up our breakfast. We were at my parents last week and my brother opened the jar of peanut butter for a snack. As soon as Walden heard the lid hit the counter, he was at Jack’s side. Ready for a bite! He’s too smart for his own good.

orange is the new black

IT’S BACK!!!! Time for season 4! I was super late to the OITNB bandwagon and only started watching back in April but as soon as I started I was addicted. I’m now completely caught up on the past 3 seasons. Binge watching, people. In case you haven’t noticed I’m just a bit obsessed with Netflix. Please give me all the show recommendations you have! I haven’t started the new season yet because this week has been insane but plan to fold a ton of laundry in front of the tv this weekend. Multitasking at it’s finest!! But really, I. can’t. wait.

kenra professionals silkening mist

This silkening mist is pure magic. I mentioned my favorite air dry hair product in last week’s Friday favorites but this one comes in a close second! Sometimes, most especially since the weather started getting a bit warmer, my hair gets a little frizzy or lackluster midday. In the morning, after I take my hair down out of the little wet bun, I spray this magic mist over my hair and I’ve got beautiful hair all the live long day! Make sure to spray it about 8 inches away from your hair so it doesn’t saturate one section too heavily. I also toss my hair side to side and upside down as I spray it. Basically toss it every which way 🙂 It’s also awesome to use after you blow dry, straighten or curl your hair. It just gives it that nice glossy, polished look without the stiffness of hair spray. Serious favorite right here!!

karri lee designs

My dear, darling, wonderful friend Victoria gifted us this beautiful original piece by Karri Lee for our wedding last year. These are lyrics from our wedding song ‘Our Love is Here to Stay’ by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Makes my heart swirl just typing the song title! I walked into our living room yesterday morning and noticed this beauty perched up on the mantel and just got all the feels. It’s been up there since the day we received it but sometimes in the day to day shuffle you forget to actually take things in. Yesterday I really, truly noticed this and felt very lucky to have such a special, lovely keepsake we will cherish forever. Karri Lee is pure talent and creates the most gorgeous work. Definitely go check her out for all of your calligraphy needs. Also, Victoria, you are the most amazing gift giver. Love you girl!!!

Wow! That seems like a lot but I just couldn’t withhold any of the goodness from you. Is it 5 o’clock now?! I’m ready to kick this weekend off! I hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying all of your favorite things. See you Monday, lovelies!

Love, The Adams

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