Hello, Monday!


This week my mind is seriously on the end of the week. Not that I don’t have a lot to accomplish this week or want to enjoy each day BUT! It’s going to be a lovely five day weekend so how can I not be thrilled for that?!

I would say I met last week’s goal about 3/4 of the way.

  • Stay on top of housekeeping – needs improvement. Sad, but true!
  • Set the phone down – This went REALLY well! While I was still on my phone a good amount during the day – checking Instagram, email, texting, Facebook, writing posts etc. – at night I made sure if Peter and I were spending time together I wasn’t obsessing over my phone.  I loved this and am totally continuing to do it!
  • Exercise three times – Well, I exercised 2.5 times so I was close! The half time was just a quick 1 mile run with Walden around our neighborhood. And this was only because it was so hot that running for 10 minutes sounded much better than walking for 30 minutes. I also did a body boot camp class and spin class. Felt so damn good, too! Proof in picture above

New week, new intentions!

reduce frivolous spending

I know I am not alone here when I say sometimes I just buy something because it’s there. It doesn’t actually serve a true purpose or fulfill a need in my life. Hello, Target anyone?! Most importantly, it’s a waste of money. My friend was telling me about the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and while I haven’t read it (she said it’s amazing!) I think I can begin to apply this idea to my spending habits. Less is more, right?!

morning routine

I am suuuuch a sleep lover that no matter how much sleep I get mornings are tough. I just can’t seem to get up. Does anyone have any tricks for me?! I am trying to get myself into a new morning rhythm where along with my typical morning tasks I want to make sure I take Walden for a walk and water our plants and garden. I feel so accomplished when I do this because by the time I leave for work I’ve already crossed two things of the to-do list. Best feeling, right there.

organize STUFF

As I’ve mentioned, our house is in a bit of a construction phase between the sunroom, the stone wall and the new patio a lot of our things are disorganized. I want to leave for Maine feeling like I am going to come home to a nice, organized house that I don’t have to worry about tidying up. This piggybacks off of my goal last week but I LOVE coming home from vacation and having a clean house. Anyone else?!

You guys, thanks for indulging me and listening to these goals. My hope is that it helps us all set intentions for the week and be mindful of them as we go through each day. I know for me it has helped immensely. Truly, last Thursday I almost skipped out on my spin class and then I thought, “no, I said I was going to exercise 3 times this week, let’s do this!” I really would love to hear what you are hoping to accomplish each day or week. I always feel inspired by other people and what they intend for their week.

Happy Monday, all!!

Love, The Adams

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