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Reading, my favorite hobby as of late. You know when you fill out college applications or they ask you on Facebook or in an interview, “what are your hobbies?” Reading always seemed like a good default hobby to add. Bulk up the list. But really, really I am loving reading right now. Now it has become a genuine hobby. My new favorite little routine is to grab my lunch and my book and go read out on our patio at work. It is the perfect little afternoon escape. Plus, the weather has been perfect and I want to be able to enjoy it! Definitely check out these books if you’ve been searching for great summer reads!

In a Dark, Dark Wood

As the title suggests, this book is dark. And twisted. And awesome!!! I could not put this one down. My mom even commented on how I was reading while over visiting the other night. I was so close to the end and the suspense was killing me! This book was so well written that the mystery of it truly left me without a clue. I felt like I was finding out the facts just as the main character was. Like our AHA! moments were in unison. Such a dark, exciting story that actually left me a little spooked to be in my house alone!

Girl on The Train

There have been countless recommendations for this book from friends to bloggers to Instagram, everyone loves this book. And rightfully so! If you loved Gone Girl,  you will love Girl on the Train, too!! I’ve come to realize that I love a good mystery/thriller/crime book (just as I like my tv!) and a lot of my books this month were in this genre. You get so caught up in each moment with the main character that you just want to shake her and hug her all at once. This is the perfect beach or travel read. I read about 3/4 of this book while traveling to my best friends wedding last month. This says a lot considering I’m usually passed out before we even leave the gate. #narcalept But seriously, get on this book!

The Light Between Oceans

THIS BOOK. Oh my word. My best friend (thanks, B!!) recommended this book to me a year ago but I just wasn’t into reading at that moment. Weird, I know, but I guess I go through phases. The pace of this book is slow and so lovely. You really feel like you’re part of this family’s life, like you’re standing next to them witnessing each moment. This book broke my heart in all the best and worst ways possible. I was sad to put this book down. It was much different than the other books I read but a most welcome change of pace. Beautiful, beautiful book.

Luckiest Girl Alive

This is another kind of mystery book that gets pretty dark and twisted. The story line follows a young woman in her late twenties as she reflects back on her early years of high school. It skews towards a younger crowd but I loved it for the suspense and darkness it provided. Some parts were just straight up creepy and disturbing. I was hooked as soon as I started. This is such an easy book to breeze through that you won’t believe you’ve finished it so quickly!

I’m already on to my next book and loving it so far. Thanks to my sister for loaning me the book! And I’ve stocked up on some other books from the library for our weekend in Maine. Not trying to be anti-social but books. Give me all the books, people!! I have a good list going on my phone of books to read but I’ve been checking them off quite quickly so, PLEASE send me some book recommendations! I need to know what to read next! Plus, summer is the absolute best time to read. In the sun, with the breeze going, the smell of sunscreen, a cold glass of iced tea (or wine!) going. Yup, my kind of day right there. Let me know what you’re reading!!

PS – for any guys out there (or anyone really!), currently on Peter’s nightstand are New Deal or Raw Deal and Originals. Send your favorites over for him, too!

Love, The Adams

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