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Summer essentials edition!!!

Happy weekend, friends! Long time, no see. I took a little hiatus to really enjoy my vacation and soak in all of the relaxation. You might have seen some of our fun over on my Instagram. We had a wonderful, sun filled weekend living the simple life. It was lovely! Now on to my favorites for the week and the summer! If you are heading out on a vacation, overnight or just a day trip – make sure to scoop some of these up!

key’s solar rx broad spectrum spf

Thanks to Allie over at AOK I scooped up this sunscreen in the dead of winter and have been in love ever since. I am extremely particular about sunscreen and the consistency, smell, greasiness level – everything. I love this sunscreen because it is natural and feels so good on my skin. And the scent is so nice and refreshing filled with essential oils. The best part is that because it is a natural product, my skin does not break out! This means I can wear it all day in the sun and not feel greasy or concerned with how it is impacting my skin.

l.l.bean beach towels

For a while we seemed to buying inexpensive towels at Marshalls at the beginning of every summer. Two years ago we were at the L.L.Bean outlet in North Conway, New Hampshire and saw they had some beach towels. We scooped up two of the towels and they have held up so incredibly well! My favorite part is how big they are. Usually towels will barely wrap around you or leave you with little room to actually lay down but that is not the case with these. They are huge and such a nice quality fabric. They come in all sorts of fun summer prints and colors, too! Peter just got a new one for his birthday so now we have three. Doing a happy dance over here!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love reading. Peter commented last night how I’m already on to another book. Yes, sir!!! Books are one of my very favorite summer essentials because you have all this time to relax and enjoy the outdoors while reading an amazing book. It doesn’t get much better than that for me. It’s basically what I did all day, every day while we were in Maine. The best! You can check out the books I read in June, here.

ray bans

I’m a bit embarrassed to even think about how much money I’ve spent on sunglasses over the years. I always wanted to try a new style or color or shape and then they would break or bend and I would have to buy a new pair. Not with my Ray Bans! Every pair of Ray Bans I’ve ever bought I still have (except for the one pair I left at a restaurant and never got back) but the point being, they hold up! I love sunglasses but I don’t like having a pair that is super delicate because I take them on and off all day, placing them on my head, the counter or car seat. I love that I don’t have to even think about my Ray Bans breaking. I will say that this is mostly because the style I have is plastic so it is extremely durable and I know that the aviators or similar styles can bend and break easily. But for me, this is my number one summer essential. I wear my sunglasses 24/7 during the summer and I love love love my Ray Bans. I have these and these.

neutrogena beach defense sunscreen lotion

As I mentioned above, I’m very particular about the sunscreen I use. One of my lease favorite feelings is applying sunscreen in the hot sun at the beach. The sand in the sunscreen, I can’t deal. Thus, I am always on the hut for the perfect sunscreen. For a few years I loved one that Hawaiian Tropic made but then they changed their formula and it just became ehh. Now a few weeks ago we were going out to work in the yard and were out of sunscreen so I ran to CVS to pick some up and thought I would try out this bottle of Neutrogena. Well, I’m hooked. Everything about this is perfect in my book AND it actually works. I was out in the sun for four days straight last weekend, in and out of the water and I never burned. It’s just an all around excellent sunscreen.

l.l.bean boat bags

If we are going anywhere, most especially during the summer, we are packed up in all of our boat bags. I swear I can’t go to the L.L.Bean outlet and not get a new one. We have pretty much every size and they are perfect for every occassion. You can use them for a day at the beach, for a picnic, diaper bag, weekend bag – everything. And they last foreverrrrr. Major plus right there! They come in every color and size you could imagine and for me, they are just classic New England.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend doing your favorite things with your favorite people! See you Monday!

Love, The Adams

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. You will absolutely LOVE them, Linda! You can use them for absolutely everything from the beach to travel to the farmers market. They are so durable and last forever! Definitely check out the outlets if you get a chance, they always have tons of them on clearance for great prices!


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