Life lately.

Life lately around the Adams home has been busy, busy, busy. I guess most people say that and it sounds quite generic but for us – it’s true! I’ve been Peter’s diligent assistant whenever possible on our renovation projects and we’ve been trying to throw in some breaks here and there to actually enjoy our summer!

This was my second Stitch Fix and I loved it! I never got a chance to take pictures of all the pieces on but you can see what they sent in the graphic above. They send this along with each box to give you ideas of how to style your new clothes. They really thought of everything! I ended up keeping the navy and white striped dress and it is the PERFECT summer staple and extremely comfortable. #givemeallthestripes

Peter was traveling in New Jersey for work a few weeks back so I decided to take the train in to meet him in the city for the afternoon on his way home. It was so lovely to walk around and be together, exploring, people watching. When we travel this is our favorite thing to do – just take in our surroundings and enjoy the culture. We need to make an effort to get into the city more often, it’s so easy for us and such fun!

This is a bit blurry but I just love the waterfall of twinkle lights in Chelsea Market!

The beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral. No matter how many times we walk by, I am always still amazed by this church. I wonder if New Yorkers feel this way too?

As I mentioned, I took the train in for the afternoon but Peter was on his way home from his work trip so he had his car. He parked right at the northwestern end of Central Park in Harlem. I had never been to this part of the city! We made a quick pit stop at this beautiful church and the garden beside it. This church was huge, I couldn’t believe it! I think it’s so lovely to have such majestic, interesting, unique statues right in the middle of the concrete jungle.

My best (and one of my oldest!) friends Jacki and her fiance, Michael, invited us to the Yankees game with them last month. While we are New England-ers at heart, aka Red Sox fans, we loved being able to go to Yankee Stadium and enjoy an amazing day with two of our favorite people. Love you guys!
Not to mention, our seats were incredible. Peter and I don’t think we can sit anywhere else ever again. Kidding…kind of, ha!


Our bags here.

If you follow along on Instagram you know we were in Maine for a long weekend to celebrate the Fourth. I think I have a slight issue with over packing…


Our lake view for the week. Very grateful that we can jet up in Maine whenever we like.

My morning ritual. My book here.

Walden loves to be right by his dad’s side whenever possible. Hammock? No problem!

Rocking some Elvis glasses while out for the golden hour ride. Peter’s even got the Elvis snarl going.

Walden’s absolute favorite place to sit is on the very end of the boat so he can patrol the lake. This was when he thought he saw a dog on the beach and was keeping a close eye on them.

Maine has so many charming antique stores and the next town over has some of our very favorites. The Cornish Trading Co. is amazing because they have such a great variety of items. We have gotten quite a few pieces for our home from here and love that they have a special history!

Test drivin’

Peter’s parents dog is named Pepper and she also happens to be Walden’s sister! As soon as my in-laws saw Walden they knew they needed a puppy in their family. Now we have our sweet Walden and Pepper-doodle!!

My sweet husband. He has been traveling non-stop the last two months for work so he was very much looking forward to this vacation. Well, as soon as the weekend began he started feeling really crummy. We ended up in the emergency room on July 4th because he was so sick with a virus and severe dehydration. Thankfully, he felt much better after that and was able to enjoy the remainder of vacation. Poor guy!

Of course we had to stop for some fresh strawberries and veggies from the local farm stand!

Lots of this right here.

Peter’s parents always do a lobster dinner to celebrate birthdays so on our last night in Maine we had a delicious feast! Truly, nothing compares to fresh Maine lobster.
img_2475When Peter travels Walden and I go for a nice morning walk together. We get home and he rolls all around like a crazy person in this grass.

Who knew installing a stone patio would mean you have to remove 7 inches of grass and dirt. Woof, that was a tough job. This wheel barrow became our best friend and worst enemy by the end of it.

Here is our new patio area! You can see Peter standing next to the stones. I can’t wait to see it all completed!

Just my husband, basically working as a general contractor! We are putting a brick border around the stones and I am completely obsessed with it. It already looks incredible.

Took Walden for a ride to see my family last week. He sits like a human being as I drive. I die over this kid!

I mentioned my new obsession with Kombucha, specifically Health-Ade, on Instagram earlier this week but I had to share here too. The health benefits are incredible and it truly tastes DELICIOUS. Right, Alessandra?!

Our nightly tradition of homemade popcorn and Netflix. Walden is never far when the popcorn is being enjoyed!

Wow! I can’t believe this is half our summer right here! Absolutely crazy and amazing all in one. Looking forward to our first anniversary this weekend and hopefully some more lake and beach time throughout the rest of the summer. See you back here tomorrow for my Friday Favorites!

Love, The Adams

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