August Intentions

Well hello there!! It’s been a month since I’ve shared my intentions and believe it or not, that was INTENTIONAL. I know, I know, I’m hilarious….

The last time I focused on my intentions and goals for the week was leading up to the Fourth of July. Upon my return I realized it might be more effective to focus on my intentions for each month. This way I can be purposeful with my actions for an extended period of time, which in turn will hopefully turn them into habits. Thus, my monthly intentions were born!

This summer has been flying by and I feel as though we have been nonstop. Between birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, projects and road trips we have been super busy. At the beginning of the summer I looked ahead at our calendar and I thought, “awesome, a nice relaxing summer.” And then everything just started adding up and all of a sudden it’s August 2nd and I’m like, “where did the time ago?!”

Anyway, that brings me to my goals for this month, the final month of summer, which is sure to be beautiful and fun filled.

  • slow down

    As I said, we have been nonstop so I really want to take this month to slow down and enjoy some small, simple moments and activities. Especially summer ones that we won’t be able to do in a few months. The beach, barbecuing, picnics are all on the list for this month!

  • get organized

    Because we have been so busy our house has gotten a bit unorganized. I want to tidy up, get the house sparkling clean and have everything in its place. Even though we aren’t in school anymore it still feels like September signifies a new turn in the year, a time in which I want to be organized and ready for this new season. I really actually love that.

  • find a rhythm

    I don’t know if I’m the only one or if others struggle with this as well but I find that I don’t have a true consistency or rhythm to each day. Not that I necessarily need one to function or be successful but often I find I’m just blurring through each day –  waking up too late, not working out enough, wasting time throughout the day, going to bed too late. I feel like I need to find a good schedule for each day. What do you guys do to manage your time and feel satisfied with each day?

  • finish my quilts

    In March I started taking quilting classes at a local quilt shop. I absolutely love it. It is so satisfying to create something with your own hands, especially something that you will use once completed. Well, I have taken two classes (each is a 6-week sessions where you complete 1 quilt) but because I was a beginner to the sewing machine in general I fell a bit behind. Now I have 1 quilt that is 95% completed and the other that is 50% completed. There is a class beginning in September that I am dying to take but I will only sign up if I complete my other quilts first.

  • spend time with friends

    Not that this needs much explanation but I feel like we haven’t gotten to do things with our friends that much this summer because we have been so busy with projects at home. I am dedicating this month to spending quality time with our nearest and dearest.

As I reread these goals I am extremely excited and satisfied with what I have set out for myself for the month. Setting these intentions inspires me and holds me accountable. I would love to hear what you’re working towards this month or even this week! I try to take each day as it comes but it always feels so nice to have an overlying mindset for the month.

Happy August, everyone! Let’s close out summer with a bang!! Hop over to my Instagram to share your goals for the month or anything you hope to accomplish in general. I love when we can lift each other up and celebrate everything we are able to accomplish.


Love, The Adams

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