Friday favorites.

Hello, Friday, my old friend!!! Pretend I’m singing that to you right now! I am so happy to see this day arrive.

I have a whole random slew of favorites this week. This is stuff I realized over the last few days make me feel really good about myself in a simple beauty kind of way. Can’t go wrong with products like that!


Not to sounds like a total weirdo but I am obsessing over my mouthwash this week. Let’s just be honest, I’m not always on top of the whole floss and mouthwash game but! This mouthwash is amazing and I can tell how much of a difference it makes in the cleanliness of my teeth. Peter scooped this up a few weeks ago in an effort for us to be more conscious of our dental hygiene (thanks, babe!) and so far it’s working! Now if only I can work on the flossing situation…

Face Oil

I snagged this Key’s face oil back in the winter when my skin was dying of thirst. It would soak this right up! But then it started to seem like it made my skin oily but AHA! A magic moment happened. I went to get a facial and the facialist told me that half the reason my skin was so red and dry was because it was irritated and the application of my products was wrong. She said the best way to apply products to your face is to put them on your finger tips and pat the product into your skin ever so softly. Life changing moment. I apply all of my facial products like this and my skin has never felt or looked better. This oil now gives my skin the exact amount of moisture it needs and makes my skin so soft for the entire day. Not to mention the amazing benefits of the ingredients, I love the way it nourishes my skin.

Eye Cream

I swear every woman is on a lifelong quest to find the all mythical, age reversing, eye cream. I have tried so many over the last few years. Not because I think I have wrinkles or I look old but just because I want to take care of my skin! This Acure eye cream is about as good as they come. Simple ingredients but truly effective. I love the texture because it’s not too heavy but it makes my eye area feel nice and moisturized. Love their simple but fun branding too!

Hair Gel

As I’ve shared a few times over on my Instagram stories, I chopped my hair off a few weeks ago. I had short hair for a few years before our wedding but as our wedding got closer I grew it out to be sure I could have the wedding hairstyle I wanted. After the wedding I let it keep growing and finally got sick of it. Well, as I’ve mentioned I love to air dry my hair. It’s quick and easy and I love the way it looks. I was super concerned chopping my hair and air drying wouldn’t mesh but boy was I wrong. I think I love it even more now. It’s mainly because of the killer products my stylist set me up with. It gives my hair the perfect undone sexy look. This hair gel is the first of the 2-step process I now do. I use about 6-7 squirts (ew, that word!) and work it through from the ends to the roots. This help with taming the frizz all day long. Don’t worry it’s not like those 90’s crunchy gels, it’s really lightweight especially if you use the right amount!

Hair Texturizing Spray

This is the second step in the hair process and I love this part the most! The gel tames the frizz but this texturizing spray gives my hair the perfect texture so it looks polished but still tossled and sexy. I flip my head over and spray the back, work it in my hands and then stand up and do a couple sprays on the top, working it all in with my hands a couple more times. The most you touch your hair when it’s wet, the frizzier it will get. So as much as you may want to keep fussing with it, don’t. I just keep tossing my hair/head side to side so it doesn’t settle and gets plenty of volume.

Target Dress

This is the only picture I have of me in the dress and it’s a screen grab from my Boomerang! Oops!

You know those items you buy on a bit of a whim, thinking, “Oh, I really like this, super cute! Oh, only $25, why nottttt!” Well, that is this dress for me. But now, I loveeee this dress, I wear like twice a week because it’s such an easy, comfortable summer dress. Especially in this heat! The fact that it was so inexpensive makes me like it that much more. Does that happen to anyone else? The low price tag just brings the item that much closer to your heart?

Okay, my lovely friends! That’s all I got for you today! I am so excited for this weekend, we get to celebrate the engagement of two of our beautiful friends and see so many people we haven’t in a long time. Love little reunions like that.

Next week, I have SO. MANY. goodies for you. Including an exciting giveaway, I can’t wait to share it!! Until then, happy weekend!!


Love, The Adams


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