JORD Watch & a Giveaway!

If you follow along on Instagram, you know how in love I have quickly become with my new JORD watch. Over the last few years I have been incredibly indecisive on what kind of watch I want, which style, color, size etc. The possibilities are really endless and I could never settle on what I liked.

I’ve seen wooden watches a few times and always thought, “What a unique piece!” I loved the way I saw them styled and how they really stood out as a statement accessory. Which is kind of my thing! I love to have pieces that are unique, different and eye catching.

Thankfully JORD reached out (read: came to the rescue) and offered to send me one of their watches, which ended my three-year-long search for a watch that suited me just so. This is where the love affair began. I chose the Zebrawood and Maple women’s watch and I love. it. It goes with everything from work outfits to weekend wear to hiking attire! I couldn’t believe how cute my watch looked with my all black athletic ensemble on our hike this past weekend. It was the perfect little touch.

Two other things that I have realized I love about this watch. First, the quality. It is amazing how well this watch is made. My entire watch is made of Sandalwood and Maple wood with a pure sapphire glass face. They don’t mess around. Secondly, how much of a simple statement it makes. During the week especially I tend to wear the same jewelry every day, I might switch out my earrings or add a statement necklace but it’s usually my tried and true staples. This watch has become a staple in my wardrobe each day but it never goes unnoticed. At least once each day someone compliments me on my watch. I love this because I’m staying true to me and my style but the watch is such a showstopper you can’t help but notice!

Well, the lovely people at JORD are so kind, they wanted to put together a little giveaway for my friends! Click here to enter for a chance to win a $75 e-gift card to the JORD shop AND they are giving a $20 e-gift card to everyone who enters. So no matter what, you win! I mean, it honestly does not get much better than that! (Giveaway ends September 4, 2016!)

Take a peek at all of the wooden watches in their shop here and to check out my exact Zebrawood and Maple Watch, click here!

What are your tried and true accessories staples?

One last thing, while this post was sponsored by JORD, all of the opinions contained herein are honest and completely my own.

Love, The Adams


Wooden Wrist Watch


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