September Goals

Hello, there my old friends!! It’s been 2 weeks I think (yikes!) since I shared on here. This was mostly because I was hosting the amazing giveaway with JORD and was focusing on that. Sorry for the silence! Here’s a cute picture of my puppy sister Piper to make up for my absence…

But also, happy September! I know, I know, we don’t want to let go of summer but guys, fall is amazing. Something about it just warms my heart and makes me emotional. Every. Single. Year. Peter and I always talk about it and it’s like, something about fall makes us feel so nostalgic. Not sure why but it does! Well, I have a list of goals I am really excited about and look forward to accomplishing. I can’t wait to hear what you’re up to this month, as well!

  • purge my closet

Over the last few months I’ve realized I have far too many clothes. I am seriously guilty of holding on to clothes I have not worn for months and even years because I think, “I might wear it at some point in the future.” I’d say at least half of my wardrobe falls into this category. I’ve decided enough is enough, it’s time to be an adult and really pare down my closet. I want to look in my closet and love the selection of clothing I have and also, actually wear what I own! Plus, right now my clothes are in 3 dressers and 2 closets (it’s excessive, I know) so I can’t really see what I have when I’m getting dressed. This often means I end up wearing the same outfits quite frequently. Plus, once I purge I can figure out a specific style direction and add a few key pieces if necessary.

  • exercise 2-3 times a week

I never weigh myself. Truly, ever. We don’t even own a scale and I’m extremely content with this. Honestly, the only time I know how much I weigh is when I go to the doctor each year and they weigh me. I love it this way because I’m not obsessing about some number I think I’m supposed to weigh. I really go by how I feel and also how my clothes fit. I have been about the same size for the last 3-4 years so I know when my clothes start to feel snug I’m not eating well enough or exercising as often as I should. This has really been apparent over the last few summer months. Everything was so busy and we had so much going on at our house that I felt like I wasn’t being mindful enough of eating healthy and following a workout regime. Now please don’t read this and think I’m saying I’m fat or overweight, I’m NOT, I know I’m not. All I’m saying is eating healthy and exercising make me feel good and make me happy so I need to be more mindful of making them a priority. I am aiming to exercise 2-3 times per week. Not an obsessive amount but just to get myself into the gym and feeling good!

  • start journaling

There are a variety of ways to be mindful of your life and your mindset. One strategy I find to be helpful is journaling. I haven’t written in a journal for a few years now. I kind of just fell out of the practice but I love it because I can be aware of my thoughts and re-direct. I can also see how I grow as a person by looking back on past entries. I know this kind of sounds like a second grade diary type situation but it really isn’t! I’ll write down things I’m praying for, what I’m grateful for, situations I’m pondering or worrying about, something I’m excited about or working towards. There really isn’t a structure, it’s just a space for me to get my thoughts down. I bought a journal yesterday and wrote in it today. I already feel so damn good about it, I can’t wait to make this a daily habit!

  • gifts to myself

I shared this thought on Instagram last week but I really want this to be one of my goals for this month. Someone mentioned this idea of giving gifts to ourselves each day so we can recognize the beauty and joy in big and small things alike. You could gift yourself a Starbucks coffee or a scoop of ice cream at night. A FaceTime date with a friend or family member, a new journal, time to read or sit and talk with your spouse. The ideas are endless but the point really is that each day can have beautiful moments if we just take the time to notice them. Also, gifts don’t have to mean spending money! It can be an at home mani/pedi session or an afternoon nap. All free and all sure to make you feel grateful for each day. I will be trying to practice this throughout September.

Okay, my lovely friends. What are your goals for this month? How do you practice mindfulness and gratitude? These are two areas I am always striving to grow in and I love to feel inspired by others. Share away!! Hope you had a great hump day!

Love, The Adams




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