Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone!!! I wish I could say we are experiencing lovely fall weather here in New England but nope, quite the opposite. Hot and humid. And sticky. My least favorite. I was just about ready to put the AC units away last week but thankfully we didn’t as they were on full blast last night!

We will be finishing up tons of projects at home this weekend (I feel like I say this every Friday but really it’s true!) and also, babysitting our niece and nephew so my sister-in-law and brother-in-law can celebrate their anniversary! Now for my favorites from this week!

French Cooking Music Pandora Station

A couple months ago Mix and Match Mama mentioned this French Cooking Music Pandora station as one of her favorites so I looked it up. Well, I’ve been obsessed ever since. Something about it just makes me happy and calm all at the same time. And you certainly don’t have to be cooking to enjoy it! Although it does get me in the cooking mood when I’m feeling super lazy and just want to order pizza or Qdoba. I’ll play this while I’m in the shower or getting ready, cleaning or entertaining. It just sets such a lovely vibe in our home.

Arctic Zero

I posted about this Arctic Zero ice cream last night on Instagram but have to share here too because it is most certainly one of my favorites! Arctic Zero sent over their five newest flavors (Snickerdoole Dandy, Poppin’ Pomegranate, Brownie Batter, Cake Batter, Banana Pudding) the other day and Peter and I are completely obsessed. My favorites of these are the Brownie Blast and Banana Pudding – perfect combo, right there. They don’t have these flavors in stores yet (at least near me), trust me I tried to go buy more, but keep an eye out because they are DELICIOUS and super healthy. The best tip I can give is to let your Arctic Zero sit out on the counter for 20 minutes before scooping. Because there isn’t any dairy in this “ice cream” it won’t be as creamy straight from the freezer. Letting it sit out let’s it soften and create that creamy texture we all love oh so much. Major, major favorite right now!

Loreal Voluminous Volume Building Mascara

I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like I am always trying a different mascara. I buy one and use it then I hear rave reviews about another brand and then about another. Honestly this happens to me all. the. time. I don’t know if it’s because mascara is my favorite beauty product so I’m always hawk eyed for recommendations or what but this is the story of my life. So needless to say I’ve tried a ton of mascara brands, from high end expensive to the least expensive drug store brands. I think I have finally found the perfect mascara that fits into both of these categories. This Loreal Voluminous Volume Building Mascara gives you the look you often get with Benefit, Tarte or Too Faced but with the drug store price. And it’s rated the #1 mascara on Amazon. And it’s only $5. What! Best day ever! My lashes are so full but not clumpy. I am totally won over by this little bottle. Ps – I get the blackest black!

Pinterest – Fall pins

Give me all the fall things!!! As soon as September 1st hit I switched over to total fall mode. It didn’t hurt that the weather was filled with bright sunny days and cool breezes. I have been a crazy-fall-pinning-animal over on Pinterest. All of the layers and booties and plaid and scarves. Oh and pumpkin everything! Swoon! Click over and follow me here for all sorts of fall (and lifestyle in general!) inspiration.

image via Pinterest
Concert Date

When Peter and I were up in Maine two weeks ago we bought tickets very last minute to a concert on the Maine State Pier. Peter’s parents had gone to see Bonnie Raitt there the week before and raved about the experience of being on the water in downtown Portland while enjoying a concert. That Sunday morning we happened to notice that The Wallflowers and Blues Traveler were playing that night and quickly jumped on some tickets. Two weeks later I am still thinking about this fun little outing. We often get so bogged down with our day to day responsibilities and tasks that we forget to do things spontaneously or try something new. It doesn’t hurt that the setting was absolutely idyllic. If you are ever in Portland, Maine in the summer or fall, take a look at their concert schedule at the Maine State Pier. Even if it’s not one of your very favorite groups, the tickets are cheap enough that you will be so happy you went!

The Estee Edit Eyeliner

Okay so I posted last week about these products from The Estee Edit that they sent over. At the time I hadn’t tried them out yet but now I am here to report back! I am a totally simple makeup girl but love to doll up a little extra when going out for a date or to a special event so receiving these products was amazing because they are a little bit of both. I also like the makeup products I use to be super easy and not fussy. This eyeliner is e v e r y t h i n g. I usually use Clinique eyeliner because it goes on super smooth but this Estee Edit Inside Track Eye Kajal is my new favorite. The color they sent is this deep turquoise-y green shade on one end with a bronze color on the other end (technically called Twisted Teal and Tarnished Gold). I used the green color and WOW! A) wicked easy to apply (because I usually can’t draw the straightest eyeliner line) and b) GORGEOUS color that I would have never picked for myself. It is the perfect shade for these upcoming fall and winter months. It’s a must have!

And that’s all I got! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Check back Monday for round two of wedding wisdom (finally!).

Love, The Adams


*While I may have received some of these products for free, the opinions contained herein are completely honest and completely my own. They didn’t even ask me to blog about them, I just love them that.much. Thanks guys!*

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