August Books

Well, these books are what I planned on reading…

I hemmed and hawed over whether to share only two books with you now or wait to combine with my September books but ultimately decided yes! I must give you all the scoop about these two books because they are two of my favorites of the summer. August went so quickly without me even realizing it. I think I was so busy every single week and weekend that I didn’t realize how quickly the month was creeping by. Anyway, these two books are MUST READS. I am so excited to have discovered them and am so happy because they are so different from each other.

Into the Darkest Corner

Fair warning, this book is CREEPY. Like, gets your heart racing and makes you paranoid even though you aren’t usually, creepy. I find that I really gravitate towards  the thriller, mystery and suspense genres, which might not be for everyone. This book follows Cathy as she tries to overcome a horrific past. The events of her path have scarred in multiple ways and this book follows her on this journey as she tries to create a new life. I love this book for multiple reasons. The plot is AMAZING. It is fast paced, edge of your seat, just darn good writing. I also love that it moves between two time periods in Cathy’s life. We meet Cathy in 2007 but then go back and forth between 2007 and 2004. There aren’t any chapters, just different dates in each of these years. Each time we read what is happening in 2007 it then goes back to 2004. I LOVED this about this book because you were able to understand how Cathy came to be the person she is today. It’s so hard to describe this book without giving much away but I promise you will not be able to put this down!

The Secrets of Midwives

On the total flip side, this book is full of joy and completely light-hearted. Here we follow Neva, she is a third-generation midwife, and her mother, Grace, and grandmother, Floss as they navigate modern midwifery in Rhode Island. Having gone to school and lived in Rhode Island this brought the book even closer to my heart! Hearing the names of familiar streets and places had me all sentimental! This book is a total breeze to read. There is just something about it where you can’t put it down because you are yearning to know more but it’s not complicated where you have to think deeply to figure things out. I read this book in two days and truly, any chance I got, I was reading it. It worked out perfectly because we were in Maine for a long weekend and I had plenty of lovely free time to just sit on the dock and read. I loved this book for the beautiful female relationships it develops between the characters and the way it demonstrates the complexities of motherhood. I’m not a mother yet but can understand how difficult it can be to navigate that road..The best part was that each chapter is told from a different woman’s perspective. We mainly follow Neva but you also read through Grace and Floss’ voices and understand how they are feeling about the unfolding of this story. I just really, really loved this book. Whenever I think about it I just smile!

And sadly, that’s it for August. I guess I was just a lame book reader this month! But thankfully the two books I did read were amazing and are now treasured favorites. What are you currently reading or hoping to read soon? Like I always mention, I’m constantly adding books to my list. Happy MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER!!! How…

Love, The Adams



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