October Goals

I honestly can’t believe it’s October! Obviously, I am in love with this month and the beautiful weather it brings but time is flying by. Basically living with this mentality all month long:

photo via Alexa Zurcher
Be intentional with my time

Really for me, this has a lot to do with my phone. So much of my blogging and engagement is tied to my Instagram, which I love, but it can just take up too much damn time. Being on my phone can really detract from my life experiences and memory making. Last night we had my family over for dinner and I unintentionally left my phone upstairs. After everyone left I felt so fulfilled and happy and hadn’t thought about my phone once. It was such a refreshing feeling. I want more of these moments where I am just present and enjoying my life!

Cook at home

The last few months have been pure insanity in our home. Between the busyness of summer and the numerous renovations it always seemed much easier to pick dinner up on the way home (read: lots of Qdoba salad bowls). This has thrown us for quite the loop. Peter and I both love to cook and cooking dinner, usually together, was such a solid part of our daily schedule. It helped us eat healthy and spend less money because we had planned groceries for the week. We also always had leftovers from the night before so we didn’t need to run out and buy something at lunch. The fall makes me feel cozy and cooking really lends to this feeling. I love being in the kitchen during the fall, cooking up a yummy meal to enjoy together. Plus, I really want to get back to more healthy eating.

Quiet time for myself

There are a number of other bloggers and instagrammers out there who talk about this idea quite often. Both Shay and Jess take time for themselves whether it is weekly or daily to spend time with the Lord. Peter and I go to church each Sunday and it is such a calming reset each weekend. It prepares me for the week ahead and gives me the strength to conquer each day. I feel if I can take time either daily or once more during the week to set aside a quiet moment with the Lord I will breeze through each week. For me, my spirituality and relationship with the Lord is extremely important and something I try to center my life and marriage around. I always feel so inspired by other women who are taking this time for themselves so I really want to strive to follow in their footsteps.

Start making Christmas gifts

I’m sure I’m not alone in this but every single year, without fail, Peter and I are rushing to figure out what we should get our loved ones for Christmas. We are just not planners when it comes to Christmas gifts. I want to change this! I know it’s only October and I am DEFINITELY not trying to rush the holidays but I really want to make Christmas gifts this year and for that, I need a little time. I want to take this month to start planning what I want to make and then get cracking! I’ll be sure to post an DIY’s or gift ideas with you because I know others love to gift handmade items too.

Okay, my friends! Happy Monday and happy October!! I hope you all had a wonderful September. What are you working towards this month? Are you intentional with your time? Let’s support each other to accomplish these goals!

Love, The Adams


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