Whose ready to paaaaaarty in NYC?!

At the end of the summer I zipped into New York City for the weekend to celebrate one of my oldest and most special friends, Bianca, for her bachelorette party! I have known Bianca for 12 years now and honestly, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! Time is a sneaky little fella. I am so grateful to have this amazing friend in my life and to be able to celebrate her and her upcoming wedding was incredibly wonderful and so fun.

I know so many people are in this stage of life right now with weddings and planning weddings and being in weddings so I figured I would share the amazing itinerary Bianca’s sister, Marija, put together for the weekend. We packed so much into the weekend but never felt rushed and were able to enjoy every single minute!

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Once we arrived at Grand Central (where we reminisced about Alessandra’s amazing first look that took place in that exact terminal and spot) we took an Uber over to the East Village where we were staying in an AirBnb. I know everyone talks about AirBnb’s now but seriously, when you have a large group – these are always the best option. We were close to everything we were doing that weekend and it was a lot less expensive than staying in a hotel. Plus we all got to be together in one apartment!

By the time Alessandra and I arrived we were all pretty hungry and wanted to grab some drinks and food. We meandered around and finally found this cool little spot, Mission Cantina. It was so unique and our waiter was basically straight out of Fresh Prince of Bel Air but the food was delicious and the margaritas were killer. It’s a mix of Thai, Chinese and Mexican food. Right, like I said, very unique. But seriously, everything was delicious!

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful homemade breakfast by Marija. She made quiche and banana bread and Bianca (the sweetest bride-to-be) ran out and got us all Starbucks. Shouldn’t we have done that?! Oops! Thanks B!! The day was going to be full of activity so it was lovely to just sit and enjoy breakfast at the apartment and hang out in our pj’s for a bit before heading out for the day.

Our first activity was a trapeze class at Trapeze School New York! Now, sadly, I couldn’t participate in the class. I wasn’t able to register beforehand and the darn school wouldn’t let me join when I arrived. It was all good though because I got to be the group photographer.

This is such a bucket list type item it was really fun to watch! I am usually such a timid, none risk-taker but I had really worked up the courage to participate and then nope. But most of the girls loved it! The people who there are absolutely incredible. While all of the class participants were harnessed and strapped in, they were just swinging freely through the air. Freaked me right out! This was so much fun though and the perfect activity for a bachelorette party!

After the trapeze class we buzzed down to Chelsea Piers for a wine cruise through Classic Harbor Line. We had no idea what this was going to be like and it seriously blew us away! First off, the boat was beautiful. It was enclosed so we were able to sit inside comfortably at our own table. Then, the wines were amazing and the woman paired them with delicious cheeses, olives, pesto, bread – basically the best anitpasti you could ask for! It was so relaxing to just sit in the AC and sip wine with the girls.

Not to mention, the views out the windows were stunning. We went around the entire island of Manhattan and got right up next to the Statue of Liberty. Honestly, completely breathtaking. The company who runs these little cruises does all sorts of them, like a history cruise, sunset cruise, architecture cruise. Definitely check them out if you are ever looking for a fun, New York activity!

Oh! Back it up for a second, when we arrived to Chelsea Piers for our cruise we were all famished. I mean, not really but it was the hottest day of the summer and we had just been outside for 3 hours in the beating sun so we needed some nourishment. And air conditioning! We popped into wichcraft because it was right next to the dock for the boat. Oh my YUM!!! Alessandra and I split a classic PB&J on their homemade multigrain and a veggie, hummus and mint pesto sandwich on homemade ciabatta. We all felt so much better after this!

After we we all had a nice little buzz from the cruise we headed back to the apartment for a few before we had appointments to get our hair blown out! Marija was so smart about where she booked things because it made such a difference to be able to walk right over to our hair appointments. Okay I know everyone has their favorite spot to get their hair blown out for events or just to treat yourself but if you ever have the chance, GO to Shampoo Avenue B! They were so freaking nice and amazingly talented. They also made sure we all have plenty of wine and water and that our bride-to-be had the best stylist in the house. They were just really thoughtful and we were all thrilled with how our hair turned out. Especially given that we all looked like drowned rats from the extreme heat – these appointments perked us right up for dinner.

We headed back to the apartment for a little nap time before our dinner reservation and then we got all dolled up for a delicious Italian meal at Supper!

This was the most charming, rustic little Italian restaurant that felt like it had been there for decades. It was small but so cozy and absolutely DELICIOUS.

Alessandra and I split the burrata appetizer and it was out of this world. She said it was probably the best burrata she’s ever had! That coming from a woman whose grandparents are from Italy and has traveled there numerous times. For dinner I had their pesto gnocchi and was so full but couldn’t stop eating it. Give me pesto any damn day, put it on gnocchi and I’m sold!

After dinner we hopped around to a few bars to dance and sip some drinks while celebrating our most lovely bride-to-be. Our AirBnb was perfectly located near so many bars that I can’t remember the ones we visited but really anywhere you turn in the East Village you will find a great local bar.

The next morning Alessandra and I had to sneak off early as it was my niece’s first birthday that day! But the rest of the group stayed to enjoy brunch at Freeman’s, which they said was absolutely delicious!

Our sweet bride-to-be in the middle!

A perfect, jam packed, fun filled weekend celebrating our B! Now we are just 3 weeks away from the big day and I am dying!!! I text Bianca all. the. time. telling her how excited I am. I couldn’t be happier for my sweet friend and her love, Billy. I will be sure to share some snaps from their beautiful wedding in Newport at the end of the month.

Have you planned a bachelorette party? Any tips? What are your favorite activities from parties you’ve attended? It is always such fun!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Love, The Adams


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