Friday Favorites

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Another Friday, some more favorites! Here we go!

Coconut Oil and Almond Butter

Almost three years ago Peter and I started making a very concerted effort to watch what we were eating. We kind of follow a modified Paleo diet but nothing particular set in stone except minimal dairy and carbohydrates/grains. Of course we need some of these things so for these last three years I have started my day with a whole wheat english muffin topped with almond butter and NOW! Coconut Oil! This was life changing. I started putting coconut oil on my english muffin a few weeks ago and it is the most delicious combination. It does the same thing butter would in melting but adds such a healthy fat and the best flavor. The greatest duo right there!

Reminders feature on IPhone

I’m sure  a lot of people take advantage of this but I just need to give it a major shout out! I am the queen of forgetfulness. I can’t tell you how often I find myself saying, “I just completely forgot.” This reminders feature has been so helpful in, imagine that, reminding me of things I need to do! If there is something I really need to get done but KNOW I am going to forget, I will set a reminder in my phone. Best example, a few weeks back I needed to bring a Costco coupon for paper to work. I kept forgetting all week so finally on that Friday I set a reminder for 8:30am (the time I leave the house) and when I looked at my phone while grabbing my keys I saw the reminder and promptly grabbed the coupon. Would never have remembered on my own.

Leather Jacket

I feel like this has been a staple in many women’s closets over the last few years but I only got mine last winter so I need to shout out my love for this perfect piece! It is amazing how many outfits this jacket can go with and completely transform. Earlier this week I wore it with jeans and a tank, today I’m wearing it with leggings. I’ve worn it with dresses and skirts too. It is my favorite piece for September – May, I can’t get enough. It’s also great for this transitional weather time when it’s cooler in the morning but warmer midday. Come winter it will be the perfect layering piece. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a deal because there are super expensive options out there but mine is from Marshalls and literally the exact same as a Nordstroms option that was four times the price. Here some perfect options all under $100!

$49 // $59 // $98 // $35 // $69 // $96

Essie Bobbing for Baubles

I’ve had this navy polish for a few years but it is one of my favorites come September. Such a perfect fall color! I mean, can you guys tell I’m obsessed with everything fall right now? Including all fashion options this season brings. #sorrynotsorry


Okay, take a seat because I have a lot to say about Gotham. Guys, THIS SHOW. I mean, don’t get me wrong there are so many great shows out there but this is our current obsession. And truly I’m shocked to say that! Not that network channels don’t make great shows but usually they are just meh or cheesy. The first season of Gotham was on Netflix this summer and we had caught up on all of our other shows so we said okay, why not give it a shot. We flew through it! It takes place in Gotham and is the story of Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) childhood. It has everything you would want – drama, thriller, a little comedy. Major kudos to Fox for creating such a great show, which is technically about superheroes but truly does not feel like that at all. And I mean that seriously, you almost forget that it’s based around Batman. Season two just came out on Netflix so we just finished binging that and now we are back to the old fashioned way of waiting every week for a new episode. Womp, womp. Not to ramble but one other thing that’s awesome about this being a network show (as opposed to Netflix original or HBO etc.) is that there are so many episodes! Most shows we watch are 10-12 episodes (Narcos, Game of Thrones) but because network shows go from September to May there are 23-25 episodes per season! LOVE THAT.


Another fall staple that I’ve been wearing every day this week are loafers. Mine are a few years old from J.Crew but they are so damn comfortable. These ones are suede so I try to wait until it’s a little more fall-ish to wear them but once I start, they’re my go to. They go with everything and no matter what I’m wearing they make it just a bit more polished. Here are a few options I found, ranging in price and style but all SO CUTE. And perfect for fall and winter!

Blush Suede // Black Velvet // Tweed // Black Suede // Leopard // Red Suede

Whew! I feel like that’s a lot but just too much to say on this Friday! We are heading to a UConn tailgate tomorrow and then just enjoying the weekend! I’m really hoping to see Girl on the Train too. If you haven’t read the book, scoop it up now! (You can read my review on it, here).

What are your weekend plans?! Hope it’s a joyful one!

Love, The Adams


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