Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday!!! I am so disoriented this week after having Monday and Tuesday off from work. Like yesterday when I was rushing the trash can to the curb as the truck pulled up because I mean, in my mind it was only Tuesday, not Thursday aka trash day. Oh man. Well, never the less, some favorites to end your week!



A very exciting little announcement to say, I’ve joined Bloglovin’! Go hop over and take a peek when you have a moment. It’s so easy to make an account and then you will receive a daily email with not only my recent blog post but any other blogs you follow on there! You can follow me HERE so you don’t miss a single post from Love, The Adams. It really can’t get much more convenient to have all of your favorite blogs in one place.



I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating – SUNSCREEN. This Neutrogena one is my very favorite. Yesterday I had a little procedure done to remove a mole that had some very worrisome cells. I am so lucky it was just this one mole and that I’ve tried to always be careful about caring for my skin in the sun. This has made me hyper aware of protecting my skin so I don’t ever have to go through this again. Wear your sunscreen, friends!!!

New England Design Company

This is thrilling just to write! Peter and I started an Instagram/Etsy shop called New England Design Company.We are selling tons of vintage items, handmade designs and unique pieces we find along the way! Peter is extremely creative and is really steering the ship on this and I am right by his side helping in any way possible. All of the jewelry and art is made by Peter and completely original and one of a kind. We have SO MUCH goodness for sale right now. Go check it out on Instagram HERE and I will share when the Etsy shop is completely set up. We appreciate all of your support as this is such a passionate adventure for us! Also, a lot of you asked about this Whale Tale cuff bracelet when I posted last month. Well, I’m happy to report Peter and I have a few for sale along with a number other spoon and FORK bracelets! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!

blanket scarf

One of my favorite parts about fall weather is all of the cozy layers we now get to wear without sweating our butts off! For me this means lots of cute jackets layered over a top and sweater and topped off with a warm scarf. This scarf is my very favorite for fall and winter! It is beyond warm and just way too cute. Plus, plaid. #always Mine is a few years old but here are a few similar ones I found! Well worth the buy now so you can stay cozy and cute all winter long.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

tomato sauce recipe


Yesterday I shared this recipe for our favorite homemade tomato sauce. It only takes 4 (main) ingredients and is SO simple to prepare. You can quickly whip this up on a week night, prepare it and freeze or make it for a delicious but simple dinner party. A great staple to add to your weekly menus! Check out the blog post and recipe HERE.

rent the runway


Jill Jill Stuart via Rent the Runway


ML Monique Lhullier via Rent the Runway
Elizabeth and James via Rent the Runway

Next weekend one of my oldest and best friends is getting MARRIED in beautiful Newport, RI. To say I’m excited is a complete understatement. The wedding is black tie so I’ve been scouring Rent the Runway for the last couple of weeks trying to decide which dress to wear for the evening. I obviously need to get on it because we are a week out. Forever the procrastinator, unfortunately. But I’m obsessed with Rent the Runway because it always helps a girl out a) last minute b) when you are only going to wear a dress one time and c) with endless, beautiful options! Genius, I tell you. Here are the three I’m stuck between. What are your thoughts?

Off to spend lots of time relaxing as I am not really allowed to move my leg much! Have a lovely weekend, friends!

Love, The Adams






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