October Books

Guys, I’m finally back on the book grind!!! WOOHOO!!!!

September was a rough reading month as I tried to step out and read books that were out of the ordinary for me. Lesson learned. When I started reading back in May it was because I had this eureka moment where I said, “read books in the genre/style that you like!” This way you actually enjoy reading, it isn’t a chore. Well, in August I strayed from this advice and borrowed two books that were unusual for me. This rolled into September and even the first part of October! Finally I put that book down and read two amazing books the second half of the month. Whew, long story I know but just had to sum up my reading absence for ya!

The Burgess Boys

Okay, so this is the book that I tried to read for about 7 weeks. I really, truly tried and some of you may say, “Hey I love this book!” But for me I just couldn’t get into it. Honestly, I think I read 200 out of 450 pages of this book over 7 weeks. I just never got into a rhythm with it and that’s okay. I kept putting pressure on myself thinking I had to finish every single book I started but then it hit me that it’s okay to not like a book and to set it aside. So I did! And I’m really grateful I did because now I am just so happy to be breezing through books I love again. Has anyone read this book? I know Elizabeth Strout is an amazing author (people LOVE Olive Kitteridge) but I just never connected with this book.

Pretty Girls

Oh my word, OH  MY WORD! What a way to welcome me back to reading! This book is such a page turner, I stayed up until 2am two nights in a row one weekend reading this book. Which was also a little terrifying because I read it in my sunroom (all windows) and I kept thinking someone was going to pop up in one of the windows. SO CREEPY!! This book follows two sisters who suffered a family tragedy when they were young and who now must face their past as grown women. I’ve read a few books like this recently but this book switches between three points of view so you really see the story from all angles. Each person also gives you a full perspective on the situation. Completely obsessed with this book and Karin Slaughter, who apparently has written multiple books so you know you’ll be seeing more of her books from me!

Big Little Lies

Okay so for the longest time I held out on reading any Liane Moriarty. I’m not exactly sure why that is but whenever I read a summary of the plot on Amazon it didn’t completely grab me. Well, I am hear to report I stand 100% corrected on this thought. Liane Moriarty is an incredible writer and Big Little Lies was the absolute best way to be welcomed into her fan club! I scooped this book up at Savers a few weeks back, which was really why I started reading it. A $1 book, won’t hurt to get it, right? RIGHT! Similar to Pretty Girls, this book switches between three different points of view. We follow three women who have children entering the same kindergarten class. As it unfolds you keep thinking, “oh my gosh I did notttt expect this.” I am already trying to decide which one of her books I’m going to read next. Also, I am BEYOND excited because Big Little Lies is becoming a mini series on HBO and will be released in February. I’m not sure if I can wait that long…

So happy to be back in my reading groove! It’s the best feeling. What have you been reading lately? As always, I love reading your suggestions.

By the way, HAPPY TUESDAY, friends!!

Love, The Adams



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