That little thing called BALANCE

This time of year always brings me to such a reflective place. Both because the holidays are filled with so much love, joy, family and friends I start to realize the abundance of blessing in my life and because there’s a new year approaching, undoubtedly making me feel like it’s a time to make changes or improvements. Does this happen to anyone else?

Of course, my biggest accomplishment, challenge and passion of 2016 was starting this blog. I love reading blogs. I come into work every morning and as I sip my first coffee I catch up on my favorite bloggers posts. That is why I started this blog. I felt like I had something (or many things) I could share with a community of people. I still do! But dang, it is HARD.

I knew this would be the case and I wouldn’t all of a sudden be Naomi Davis overnight but blogging takes a lot of time and effort. A lot, a lot. And if I’m being honest, sometimes I don’t quite feel up to the challenge. I work a full time job, I have a home, a husband, a fur baby, family, friends – all of which need attention. Add to that, I don’t always want to be a slave to my phone or computer and it can make things tricky. Then in swoops that often overused word – BALANCE.

Everyone is always talking about balance. Well, what does that mean?! It is going to be something different for everyone based on where we are in life and what is important to us. The way I balance my life will be different than you, my best friend, my sister or even Peter. And that’s okay! It’s just figuring out how to balance it all and then maintaining it. This is a constant, ongoing learning process and I guess what I’m here to say is, I’m trying. I’m trying to find that balance to fulfill my life commitments and also follow my passion, which is this blog.

I absolutely love coming to this space and sharing recipes, books, goals, dreams, favorite products – anything and everything. It truly brings me such joy and I hope those of you who do visit feel that through what I post. I think that’s why it has been a little quiet on my end recently. I want to follow this passion but also serve you well. I want you, my readers and friends, to come here and feel like you have gained something. And that has been tricky to figure out because this social media/Instagram/blogging world is overflowing with pretty pictures, heartfelt dialogue, unique recipes, ideas, diy’s etc. How do I stand out?

So tell me my wonderful friends, what do you like to read? How can I serve you? You want me to read more? Cook up some more healthy recipes? Try out some new products? Tell me! I want to fill this space with love and joy and knowledge that we can all share together. This place is as much yours as it is mine and I hope you will continue to grow with me as I delve deeper into the blogging world. I am making a commitment to myself, and all of you, to share and serve more. To attempt this life balance thing. I will figure it out, guys! Somehow!

Happy Tuesday!

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