Life Lately.

Oh my word, I haven’t shared a post on our life lately in F O R E V E R. So I am so happy to have an abundance of pictures and thoughts to share with you from our Christmas and New Years and now the first bit of 2017! Definitely a photo heavy post due to lots of fun with my new camera.

20161224-photo-dec-24-12-32-20-pmStarted our Christmas Eve with our annual Christmas brunch with my family! Champagne and coffee every morning, please?


20161224-photo-dec-24-8-58-37-pmPiper is all blurry here but she cracks me up how she will let you hold her like a child. Not even let you, she loves to be held this way.

20170117-photo-dec-24-10-18-44-pmAnnual Christmas jammies from the elves. One of our favorite Christmas traditions. Thanks, Vineyard Vines!

20170117-photo-dec-24-10-18-47-pmMy heart right here.

20161225-img_0001My love celebrating Christmas morning with my family!

20161225-img_0002My sweet sister and Peter relaxing after some delicious cinnamon rolls. Thanks, mom!

20161225-img_0006My mom’s Christmas dinner table. This is my favorite meal out of the entire year. THE BEST.


20161226-img_0047During the 10 day holiday we spent a lot of time right at home. Reading, Peter playing guitar, being creative, watching shows and straight up relaxing. It was the most wonderful break.

20161226-img_0050Had to a get a shot of the tree with my new camera!

20161226-img_0053And another. Be patient with me, I’m doing all sorts of experimenting with this new lady!

20161228-img_0059We took Walden for a walk every morning on the golf course across the street.

20161228-img_0062These are the moments we miss during the work week because we are in such a rush to get out the door!

20161228-img_0064If you could zoom in on this, HIS FACE!

20161228-img_006720161229-img_0080Then we got a little dusting of snow! I couldn’t believe my camera was able to capture the flakes as they were falling!

20161229-img_0082Tree trimmings covered in snow.

20161231-2016-12-31-15-22-4520161231-img_0106Like I said, we were here every morning!

20161231-img_0115Over the years Peter and I have celebrated New Years Eve in basically every way possible. At a fancy restaurant, in another country, with family, with friends, at friends home and at our home. I think staying home is our very favorite way to celebrate. We can relax, spend time with Walden and just be together.

20161231-img_0117We decided to make a late, delicious dinner and relax. It was so cozy and romantic!

20161231-img_0118Of course Walden had to help set the table.

20161231-img_011920161231-img_012020161231-img_012120161231-img_012220161231-img_0123I scored this tablecloth from Savers a few months ago and it is one of my absolute favorites! I am completely OBSESSED with gingham.

20161231-img_0124Dinner was steak (grilled on our new grill!), mashed garlic cauliflower (recipe soon!), and a chickpea and kale hash. #doublehighfive

20170101-img_0131This was pretty much my uniform over Christmas and New Years. Comfy all the way, guys!


Walden has not liked having our new cameras pointed at him so this was a major score to get this picture.


Peter’s sister made us this quilt for Christmas so we sent her a picture all cozied up!


It wouldn’t be life lately in the Adams home without some PIZZA!


This was one of our guest rooms over the break. We cleaned out and organized our entire attic and this was just after we brought everything downstairs to start. #thatsnotevenhalfofit


Talked about my new striped top and cleaning over on Instagram. LOVE this shirt, comfortable and versatile. Win, win!


Stripes and plaid, all day every day.


See! Always!20170107-2017-01-07-10-30-14-1

From our hike. Love adventuring with this husband of mine!


Post hike, snow watching music hour.


Two weekends ago we went for a hike to our favorite local spot before a snowstorm hit. Walden was on cloud nine!


It was cold and icy but peaceful and absolutely stunning. I love nature in the winter.


We made it to the top!

20170107-img_017020170107-img_017320170107-img_018020170107-img_0183It was so peaceful out here on this day!


We celebrated our nephew’s third birthday at Bouncetown aka a three year old’s dream. Love this sweet boy. 20170108-2017-01-08-11-31-13

And our precious niece, always looking as cute as can be!


Now these pictures are not glamorous in the least but they are totally real life. This is our other guest room, which previously had a twin bed in it. We decided we could do without the bed and are using the space as our office/music room/art/creative studio.


That table with my sewing machine is a reverse drop leaf style and we scored it for $12 at Goodwill! The detail on it is AMAZING.


Cutest vintage school desk – FREE!


And this one, always my favorite.


I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much Halo Top we consumed over this last month. But also not because it’s delicious and healthy. #guiltfree that’s the name of our game!


I switch between these Hunters and my Bean Boots and love them both so much. Can never go wrong with some classic Hunters with jeans.


My morning quiet time. I’ve started waking up an hour and a half earlier this year and spend the time reading the bible, a devotional and journaling. It’s the most wonderful, calming, peaceful way to start my day.


Love, PGA

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