Friday Favorites


Happy Friday, my lovely friends! I just took such a nice, deep breath knowing it is Friday, time for pizza tonight and the weekend at home. My favorite!

ll bean wicked good moccasins


I am almost certain you have all seen these slippers before but I just have to share the love. Being from New England everything LL Bean is pretty popular. Being that my husband was born and raised in Maine, the ‘birthplace’ of LL Bean so to speak, the love for the company runs deep in our family. Which, I have to say, is quite easy because their products are well made, classic pieces you can use for years to come. And, on top of that, they have their LIFETIME GUARANTEE so if you are ever unsatisfied with a product they will take it back no questions asked. No, I’m not a spokesperson for LL Bean, I just truly love their products. ANYWAY, back to slippers. Peter’s grandfather gave me a new pair of the classic slippers for Christmas this year and I have been wearing them every day since. I even put them in my purse to bring to my parents house when we go over to hang out. They are so comfortable and basically like putting your foot into a world of marshmallows. THE. BEST. You can check them out here, I have them in the brown color and they fit true to size.



I mentioned in my life lately post on Tuesday that I got a new camera for Christmas. Woohoo! Growing up in the blogging world! Well, it is definitely a learning curve as I’ve never used a DSLR before but I am absolutely loving it. I have the Canon EOS Rebel SL1. Peter and I are both reading all the books and manuals we can get our hands on so we are able to take some excellent pictures. Peter also got us a vintage Canon A-1 SLR a few months, which has been so much fun to use. It takes film so we have to wait and see how all the pictures come out and there is something so special to me about that. Basically what I’m saying is be prepared for a ton of pictures of every form from the Adams! Also, any tips you have on using these cameras or on photography – send ’em our way, please!


Basically, love at first sight!

Speaking of photography, I have to give a major shout out and giant virtual hug to my girl Victoria over at My Motherhood Storybook. I adore this girl already, I am blessed to call her a close friend but GUYS, last night she made me cry. Unintentionally, but still! Victoria creates Motherhood Storybooks where she photographs mothers with their children and spends the day chatting and getting to know them. Then she goes and creates a book for the children to have as a keepsake of their mother and the love she has for her children. How beautiful is that?! Well, if her work wasn’t already moving and beautiful enough, her friend Maya at MOJALVO just created this video of Victoria and her work. I watched it three times last night before bed (it just so happened she posted it right when I was going to bed, I’m not that weird where I’m watching it in order to go to sleep. Anywayyy….) So I cried. The passion Victoria has for her work is moving and inspiring and just freaking awesome. The video also just reminded me how much I love and appreciate my mom. I love you, mom! It is probably the most lovely thing you will watch all week. You can go take a peek at her website – here, her blog – here and follow her on Instagram – here. Love you, Tor!!!

natural skincare


I know, more? No, but I just love these products so much and this post was so fun to write, it is definitely a favorite this week. You can get the full scoop on the best beauty buys from Whole Foods, here.

smile brilliant


As I’ve mentioned a few times over on Instagram I’ve been partnering with Smile Brilliant for the last few months trying out their personalized whitening trays. I’m writing up my full review and will share it next week but I had to give you a sneak peek. The results are incredible. Like, I feel so much more confident and swear that because my smile is brighter, my skin looks better, my lip color is nice and pink. I just LOVE them. And that’s a true, honest opinion that is completely my own. No lies here, friends!

devotional and journal


I have always been a religious and faith centered person, having grown up Catholic it has consistently been a part of my life. Peter and I have found a church that we have been attending for a few years – where we got married, where we now participate on the marriage preparation team – and it has been an indescribable blessing. God and church are simply an important part of our life. This year I decided a) I needed to start getting up earlier (totally not a morning person) and b) I wanted to spend time with my faith and my thoughts each morning. Now I spend each morning sitting with my coffee, bible, devotional and journal and reflect and pray. I understand not everyone has a relationship with God, it is completely individual, but I will say the time to sit quietly and reflect, write down my thoughts, hopes, dreams is extremely relaxing and mood enhancing. And it’s actually slowly converting me into a morning person. (PS – I’ve been reading this devotional by Joyce Meyer and love it so far!)

san francisco

via Julia Engel

My final favorite is the vacation we are taking next month! WOOHOO!!! We haven’t gone on a vacation since our honeymoon to Italy 18 months ago so we are thrilled. Please comment or email any and all suggestions, we have never been before and can’t wait to explore.

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, doing everything that brings you joy. I’m off to go scoop up some pizza now!

Love, PGA

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