A Weekend in DC!

So this post is a LONG time coming but I just had to share the details of our wonderful weekend away with my parents and sister in DC!

Back in November Peter and I traveled with my parents down to Maryland and Washington DC to visit my sister, Grace, who attends the University of Maryland. She is currently a sophomore and I haven’t visited since the day I moved her in for her freshmen year. And Peter had never been! So it was due time to make a visit with my parents and it worked out perfectly that it was her sorority’s silent auction weekend for Saint Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

Pretty much as soon as we landed in DC we had tunnel vision for SweetGreen. Now, I’m sure a lot of you who live in major cities are really used to SweetGreen by now but we don’t have one in CT yet so we go as often as we can when in or near a major city. So fresh and delicious!

We then got ready for the silent auction that night at the TriDelta Sorority house. My parents donated an awesome game night basket, Peter donated some jewelry from New England Design Co., and my mom’s best friend donated a cozy winter basket including her handmade cashmere mittens.

I just have to take a moment and give a major shout out to both TriDelta and Saint Jude because WOW. Of course we all know about Saint Jude and the amazing work they do but I didn’t realize the extent and depth they go to for their patients and their families. This is TriDelta’s charity nationally (every chapter fundraises for Saint Jude) so each year they work to raise as much money as possible for the hospital. It is incredible and it felt amazing to be there supporting their work.

After the silent auction we went around the corner to Blaza Pizza because after all, it was Friday! Again, we don’t have one of these near us yet and it was my first time enjoying their pizza but oh my word! Delicious pizza that is customized and ready in 5 minutes. I mean, guys, genius! If we’re being honest, Peter and I are pizza snobs and this was beyond. Highly recommend if you ever have the chance!

The next morning TriDelta was hosting a brunch for all of the parents who were visiting so we spent some time at the house in the morning and then quickly headed out to enjoy DC! We decided we wanted to spend the afternoon at the Holocaust Museum. There is such an extensive history to the events before, during and after the Holocaust that we all really wanted to learn about. I am honestly at a loss for words for how deeply this museum moved all of us. It is bone chilling and beautifully done. I know that sounds strange to say, but I feel they do a wonderful job honoring the victims of the Holocaust, which is quite an immeasurable job. We spent 2.5 hours in the museum and we felt rushed. There is so much to see and read and take in that you could easily spend 5 hours there. If you’re planning to visit, you start on the top floor and work your way down. Depending on when you arrive, be mindful of your time because each floor has so much to explore that you don’t want to feel too rushed. I honestly can’t recommend this museum enough. It poignantly honors the men, women and children who suffered through a most horrific genocide. I’m honored to have been able to visit.

After the museum, we hopped in an Uber (my dad’s first Uber ride!) to dinner at RPM Italian. This is the restaurant of Bill and Giuliana Rancic, who’s family is from Italy. My parents and Grace have been twice before (lucky ducks!) but this was mine and Peter’s first visit.

First of all, the restaurant is gorgeous. One thing, as far as design goes, I thought was genius, was they have a completely separate bar area with tables and a lively bar so that anyone who wants to enjoy the bar, can do so. Then on the other side is the main dining area. There is a bar here that serves all of the guests dining in this part of the restaurant. That way, however you prefer to enjoy the restaurant, you are able to do so.

Now, THE FOOD. We honestly ordered a bit of everything. They start you out with fried olives (like WHAT!) and parmesean stuffed peppadew peppers. We ordered some prosecco and perused the menu.

Next up, appetizers. We decided to try the fresh bread with homemade ricotta, calamari, tuna crudo, lobster caprese, homemade meatballs and more fried olives. Everything was fresh and packed with traditional Italian flavors.

For entrees we all ordered our own meat and selected a number of pastas to try. I ordered the short rib with polenta, which melted in my mouth it was so tender. The pastas we ordered included the lobster ravioli, pumpkin agnolotti, carbonara, pappardelle bolognese and proscuitto tortelloni. Now, trust me, I have eaten pasta in Italy and every single one of these was just as good.

After our meal they brought over complimentary miniature ice cream cones and we ordered cappuccinos and this chocolate ice cream cake they set on fire. Ya gotta go big or go home, folks!

I already can’t wait to go back!

The next morning we scooped Gracie up and headed over to Georgetown. Such charm! I have only ever driven through Georgetown so I was excited to walk around and enjoy the shops.

We hopped into Dean & Deluca for a quick coffee and macaroons and then strolled over to Warby Parker for Grace to pick out some new glasses. If you’ve never been to or used WP it is a MUST! Both the in store and at home purchasing experiences are excellent. We were in and out with glasses tried on and ordered all in 10 minutes. NO JOKE.

We then made our way over to brunch at Bodega. It is a spanish tapas style restaurant and it was so. good. Much different than traditional brunch but all five of us loved everything we got, including some delicious bloody mary’s and house made chorizo! YUM!

Of course you need a little sweet treat to finish off a meal, right?! I’ve heard such wonderful things about Baked & Wired so we strolled over for some cupcakes! Like most bakeries that are extremely popular, there was a line out the door and around the corner. But, we REALLY wanted our cupcakes so we waited in line and truly, don’t that let ever deter you here! The line moved so quickly and it gave us plenty of time to make our decisions. I think my very favorite was the strawberry. So simple and FRESH. Like the most delicious strawberry shortcake you’ve ever eaten. Also, I of course had to try the funfetti #favorite and that was also amazing. Man, I could totally eat about 3 of each of these right now.

Growing up I had never been to DC so about two years ago when Peter and I were down for a wedding we made the rounds to all of the memorials and monuments. I was completely blown away. You see these buildings in photographs and on television but nothing quite compares to seeing them in person.

My mom had never seen any of them so after our time in Georgetown we went over to the Lincoln Memorial. I think monumental is the only word to describe it. And that barely does it justice! It leaves you awe-struck and entirely humbled. I absolutely love the Lincoln Memorial.

I also love that so many of the war memorials are within walking distance from here because then we strolled over to the Korean War Memorial and Vietnam Memorial. Peter’s great uncle died in the Vietnam War so we always look for his name when we visit and it makes you feel grateful and patriotic for those who have served our country and especially those who have lost their lives while doing so.

There really isn’t a proper transition after that somber note but that’s it! That ended our trip, sadly. We had to get over the airport for our late afternoon flight and head on home to our Walden.

It was a jam packed, fun, exciting weekend. It is incredibly difficult to have my sister far away for school but it sure makes up for it when you can have amazing weekend getaways like this! We can’t wait to go back.

Have you been to Washington DC? What is your favorite part? Favorite restaurant? Monument? Always planning for our next visit!

Love, PGA

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