Friday Favorites


Oh, Friday, it is so wonderful to see you. To say this week has been a struggle is an understatement. I’ve been sick and stressed and just tired. But always smiling and staying on that positivity train. Weeks like this humble me and make me very grateful for an incredibly supportive and loving husband who just knows how to stand by me no matter what life throws at us.

Now onto more joyful things like all of these fun items I’m loving this week!

s’well bottle


I’m going to dive in deeper on keeping up my new year’s goals next week but this little (well, actually quite big) bottle is a major factor. I LOVE this bottle. S’well bottles are amazing both because they are nice to look at but they also keep cold liquids cold for 24 hours and hot liquids hot for 12 hours. One of the things I dislike about traditional water bottles is that my water is room temperature shortly after filling it up. Now, my water is always nice and cold so it is extremely refreshing to drink and totally motivates me to stay hydrated! They have a variety of different sizes (9oz., 17 oz. and 25 oz.) and colors, which you can check out HERE.

garnet necklace



(Lovely scratches from Walden jumping all over me!) I could just scream and jump and do a little dance I love this necklace so much! Peter made this for me as my Christmas gift this year and I freaked out. It is a rough cut, unfinished garnet straight from the earth and he made it into such a simple, stunning statement necklace. He made some others for my mom and sister and his mom and sister for Christmas as well and they are all equally as beautiful. All different stones too! I’ll grab some pictures and share those soon too. In the mean time go take a peek at the New England Design Co Instagram HERE and Etsy Shop HERE. Peter has made such beautiful jewelry and art pieces that are for sale as well as a number of vintage items! So proud of our little New England Design Co. and my wonderful, talented husband! Ps – he can do any custom piece your heart desires, just shoot him an email at

nutrish by rachael ray dog treats



Last week we received these complimentary treats from Influenster and Rachael Ray’s line Nutrish for Walden to try out. Full disclosure, we did receive these treats for free but here is my honest to goodness opinion. We are very strict and careful, and I mean very, about what we feed to Walden. His food and treats are all natural with real meats and grain, corn and artificial preservative free. It is of upmost importance to us that he eats healthful, real foods. Much like you would approach your child’s nutrition, we read all of the labels and make sure that basically, he isn’t eating a ton of shit. It is something that we take very seriously and is extremely important to us. He is our baby! With that being said, these treats totally fit the bill. We received a pack of the Meatloaf Morsels and the Pepperoni Delicuts and Walden has seriously gone MENTAL for them. I’m pretty sure these pictures convey that perfectly. As puppy parents you can’t get much happier when you have healthy treats and food for your dog that he actually can’t wait to eat. I mean, we die laughing every time we pull them out of the cupboard because he sits like a good nugget and then just inches closer and closer to you as he waits. The cutest! Thanks for sending these along Influenster and Nutrish! We have a very happy Walden on our hands!

urban outfitter’s crossover sweater

You can see this AMAZING Urban Ouftitter’s sweater in the photos above with my sweet Walden this morning! I received the pink one for Christmas and when I went to exchange it for a smaller size it was on mega sale so I scooped up this taupe color too. They are the coziest, flattering and just plain comfortable. I don’t know about you but I love clothes that look put together but are basically like wearing pajamas. Anyone else? That is 100% this sweater. Scoop ‘er up, gang!! For reference, I usually wear a small but the x-small fits perfectly!

teddie’s peanut butter with flaxseed


This sounds really weird to say/type but I love all nut butters. I don’t discriminate. Almond, cashew, peanut, sunflower – I’m all in! Recently we’ve been obsessed with this Teddie’s Peanut Butter with Flaxseed. Not only is it all natural (my favorite kind of nut butter), it has the added health bonus of ground flaxseed. Not that flaxseeds taste bad at all but you don’t even taste them here! They just blend right into the flavor so you just have your usual delicious peanut butter amped up a bit. This would totally be perfect for kids so you can sneak in a little extra goodness!

medjool dates

These do not photograph well so I have no photo evidence for you BUT! Trust me when I say these need to become a staple in your pantry. I picked some up for baking a couple weeks ago and have been using them nonstop ever since. They are a perfect little sweet treat (when pitted) with some nut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I’ve also put them in smoothies and protein shakes and they are the ideal sweetness for this. Plus, it’s all natural! I scooped ours up at Trader Joe’s and it’s a substantial size pack that I’d say has lasted about a month so far! DELICIOUS!

And that wraps it up! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Anyone have any big plans?! I foresee lots of cleaning and quilting in my near future and I can’t even wait. See you Monday!

Love, PGA


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