January Books

Long time no see, book review blog post!

It has been a daaaayyyyy since I wrote a review of books I’ve been reading. Mostly because the holidays came along and I got so busy with enjoying family, eating, shopping and just being present I really wasn’t reading a whole lot! That is until the week between Christmas and New Years. I always have this week off from work so what better time to do a ton of reading! Well that kick started my reading right back into high gear and here we are, a month later and I’ve read more books in one month than I have in a long, long time.

Where’d You Go Bernadette?


In reading the synopsis of this book I kept thinking, meh, this seems weird. But similar to many of my recent reads, I got it for $1 at Savers and so many others have recommended it I decided to give it a try. I think the best word to sum up this book is FUN. The book is written from the daughter’s perspective as she tries to piece together the events surrounding her mother’s disappearance. Which to say that is fun, sounds really twisted, right? Well, no! Because the mother, Bernadette, is quirky and adventurous and just hilarious in the weirdest way. Like, you just want to jump into the book and study her because she is such an odd ball. Anyway, this book is full of adventure and mystery as you try to piece together where exactly is Bernadette?! Another reason I loved this book was because it’s written from the daughter’s point of view but it includes emails, texts, letters, journal entries etc. that help form the theory of what happened to Bernadette. Definitely an easy, fun, enjoyable read!

Mean Streak


So my mom and grandmother are huge readers and they are always breezing through amazing books, which they exchange with each other and often times me, thankfully! My grandmother brought this book to Thanksgiving to give to my mom but as soon as I read the back cover, I promptly put it in my purse. To which my grandmother said, “oh that book is SO GOOD. I read the whole thing on the plane ride up here!” Yup, a must read! I finally tackled it over my holiday break and I finished it in a day and half. I couldn’t stop! You are creeped out, curious, scared, excited – all in the same moment. I constantly thought I had the book and characters figured out but seriously, I sat in astonishment when I finally reached the end. The book follows a type-A woman, named Emory as she heads out on a training run for an upcoming marathon. I honestly don’t want to type ANYTHING else about what happens after this out of fear of giving anything away. It’s that good, guys. Read this now! I have also never heard of Sandra Brown books but apparently she has written numerous so I’m already planning which of hers to read next!



This is a total throwback book but once again, Savers to the rescue! I saw this there a couple months and realized I had never read it even though it is one of those books you have heard everyone mention for years. So I grabbed it and it kind of fell to the bottom of the pile because there were other more exciting books I wanted to read first. Once I finished reading Mean Streak I decided it was time for a change of pace and picked this one up. Now I won’t lie, the first 100 pages or so are a little slow. At least for me! Probably because I read so many thriller, mystery, adventure type books. But once all of the characters and plot were established I totally fell in love with this book. The book is written from the daughters point of view as her mother, a midwife, is on trial for the death of one of her patients. It is completely heart warming and wrenching all at once. We all have a mother so as you are reading you’re constantly thinking, what if this was my mom? What would I do? Loved this one. And this was my first Chris Bohjalian (which, how?!) and I can’t read to read more from him. Expect to see a lot more of his books around these parts. Um, okay movingggg on from that creepy western-ish reference…

Balancing in Heels


I shared some of this on my Instagram post regarding this book but, here are the details. My godmother has known Kristin Cavallari her entire life, through Kristin’s mother. I have loved Kristin since her Laguna Beach days (anyone else?!) and have always followed her journey on social media. Surprise, surprise, come Christmas my godmother had asked Kristin to sign a book and send it my way and to say I was excited is a major understatement! I was thrilled because I’ve been eyeing this book anyway but then to have it signed?! I was incredibly grateful. Thank you, Aunt Jan! I quickly got to reading and it was such an interesting, easy, eye-opening read. Meaning, it is jam packed with information but is lighthearted, easy to digest and fun. It gives you a genuine glimpse at Kristin’s life and her journey through love, marriage, nutrition, motherhood, cooking, exercising and living a balanced life. She shares so many helpful tips on how to eat cleanly and healthfully while not kill yourself over a diet. This is all about living a lifestyle that is balanced, joyful and fruitful. There were many moments were I was like, “okay, duh!” Because everything makes perfect sense but you haven’t thought about it extensively. I will say since reading this book I have been extremely aware of buying organic produce, checking for certain ingredients in my food and staying away from artificial colors. As she writes in the book, a lot of it can be overwhelming to think about all of this information at once like, oh my gosh I have to change my entire life and every single thing that I eat. No, take it one step at a time until it becomes habit. I absolutely LOVED this book. If you love Kristin and enjoy living a healthy, balanced lifestyle – this one is totally for you. Thank you again for this wonderful gift, Kristin and Aunt Jan!

Why Not Me?


Definition of funny, right here! I have loved Mindy Kaling since her days on The Office, which I never realized she was a WRITER for. Who knew?! Not me! I read this book in 1 DAY because it was just like sitting and chatting with an old friend. She is extremely honest, hilarious and just plain real throughout the book. She writes about all areas of her life, including her past in college, working on The Office and what it is like to be a woman in Hollywood today. If you thought everything about being an actor or actress was glamorous all the time, THINK AGAIN. Like she only sleeps about 4 hours a night, starting her day at 5am and working until about MIDNIGHT (or later!). Girl, I give you major props because I could NEVER. I need my sleep! Seriously though, you will put this book down and just want to be best friends with Mindy. Also, shout out because she’s a New England girl and that makes me feel even closer to her. Weird? Probably but such is life. #weirdosunite

Well, gosh that is a lot. Thanks for hanging through! I am already into my first book for February and loving it. We are traveling this month so I know that will mean extra reading time on the plane, which makes me a very happy girl!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! It’s currently snowing away outside and I LOVE IT.

Love, PGA

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