Friday Favorites


HEY FRIENDS!!! Sorry for the radio silence over here, Peter had his accident last week which totally delayed any blogging and then we had to postpone our California trip so it threw off my blogging schedule I had planned. Readjusting gears and I’m happy to be back with some of my favorites from this week!

timeless organics face lotion


Okay, so this is totally 100% NOT SPONSORED. (I will always disclose that to you and they are always products I do or would use anyway!) But I just have to share the good word on this brand. If you read my post on the best whole foods beauty buys last month you know I try to be conscious of choosing skincare products that are as natural as possible. I’m not obsessive but if possible and within reason (aka $$$) I will purchase natural products. Last week I asked about BeautyCounter on my Instagram stories and I had some friends say YES, DEFINITELY, GET IT! So I had all the goods in my cart and was just kind of procrastinating. Sometimes the price tag of products leaves me with pre-purcahse guilt and I really believe that was my hesitation. A few days later I was breezing through my IG feed when Catherine Lowe (any Bachelor fangirls out there?!) mentioned Timeless Organics. Her post was sponsored but I trust her, she’s vegan and her skin is amazing so I thought, “Hmm, let me check out this brand.” (This is getting so long winded, I’m sorry!) Well, to make a long story short: their website was incredible, transparent as far as ingredients go and had honest, GLOWING reviews of their products. I was really on the hunt for a face moisturizer so I bought THIS ONE. I received it last Friday and have been in complete and total love ever since.

Separate paragraph because that was just such a run on blurb. Last point, I don’t know if other women are like this but I’m always, always looking for that moisturizer that works just so and fits all of my skincare needs. I could almost cry at how amazing and fitting this moisturizer is. It perfectly nourishes my dry, sensitive skin in the winter time but I know it will still be light enough for summer. Plus, my skin does not have an oily shine like some extremely moisturizing products and the redness of my skin is WAY down. Oh AND! My pores are smaller. All within a week of using this. NATURAL PRODUCTS ROCK, FRIENDS!

(steps off soapbox…)

lace bralette


I’m probably the millionth and one blogger/person to tell you about these bralettes but I just GOTTA DO IT. I got these for Christmas and have not stopped wearing them since. Like, I think I’ve put a real (traditional?) bra on twice. They are beyond comfortable and feminine, I feel so lovely and beautiful when I wear them. I also feel slimmer. Is that weird? Because I’m not wearing a bra that is adding bulk, my clothes hang differently and I honestly feel like I look smaller. Which, is not what I’m aiming for in wearing them but I’ll definitely take it! Major bonus is that they are $20! I don’t think you can even get a bra at Target for that cheap. Scoop up at least two because you will definitely want one to wear while you’re washing the other.

kitchenaid mixer


I actually can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this as favorite on here before. I even did a search (on my own blog ha!) to see if I had included this in a past Friday Favorites, to which the answer was NOPE! I LOVE our KitchenAid mixer. Peter and I have always dreamed of owning one but just could never justify buying it for ourselves, which I’ve found to be true of a lot of nice kitchen appliances or accessories. Well, thanks to that handy thing called a wedding registry, we got one! And I’ve been in love ever since. It makes baking and mixing anything and everything so much simpler. I’ve had friends ask me if it gets in the way or is annoying to clean all the parts and the answer is no and no! We have a kitchen island that has a lower shelf where we store a lot of these types of appliances and it’s DEFINITELY not any more difficult to clean than other mixing bowls, handheld mixers or spoons. If you have a chance to register or get one on sale or have a gift card – buy this baby!


I shared about the devotional I’m currently reading a couple of weeks ago but this was my reading from Monday (I think? I started this in the middle of January and the book starts on January 1 so I just started from the beginning) and I have felt compelled to share ever since reading it. For anyone and everyone who needs this reminder, this is for you. Sending love, always.

ladies of london

Okay, THIS SHOW. Tuesday was the season finale and I am truly, so sad. I adore this show. Pretty much all Real Housewives are my guilty pleasure shows of choice (those and the Bachelor/Bachelorette) so when an almost identical type of show was created but in London, I had to investigate. I have to say I almost like this more than the other Real Housewives shows! Maybe it’s the women on the show or just that London seems fabulous but I am completely engrossed in it and obsessively follow all of the ladies on Instagram. If you’re looking for a good, fun, guilty pleasure show – watch this – it will 100% be your new addiction.

steve madden booties

I shared this picture last week on Instagram and I had a few people reach out and ask where I got the booties. They are by Steve Madden but I purchased mine at Nordstrom where they were and still are on sale for 50% OFF!!! I mean, that is a freaking STEAL right there! Best part is that they are super comfortable and go with everything in your closet. I guess that’s best parts (as in plural) then but whatever. Love these booties and haven’t been able to stop wearing them! Ps – they are also available in black!

Well my friends, that’s it for today! I’m off to enjoy a three day weekend, which I totally forgot about until yesterday. It was like a little present when it dawned on me yesterday morning. Woohoo!

What are you all up to this weekend? Hope it is wonderful and restful!

Love, PGA

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