Baby Adams! And the first trimester!

By now I’m sure most of you have seen my Instagram posts about our newest addition coming in October! To say we are thrilled is an understatement. I was speaking with someone yesterday and I told her it still feels pretty surreal because it is something I have dreamt about for my entire life and to know my dream is coming true is enough to make my heart burst.

I also just want to say THANK YOU!!! To every single person who has sent a message or commented on a post with the sweetest words of congratulations. Your well wishes mean the world to us and we read every single one with the most grateful hearts.

Now for some people this post may not interest you whatsoever but I know I always LOVE reading how people found out about their pregnancy and the beginning stages. I am going to share my experience so far even just so I can look back and remember this incredible time.

Around our anniversary last year Peter and I started talking about adding a baby to our family this coming year. We went back and forth discussing various factors but felt this was a good time for us. Fast forward 6 months and I wasn’t yet pregnant but we hadn’t been seriously trying so I wasn’t too concerned. Still, I decided I would mention it to my OB at my annual appointment in February. During my appointment she asked me all sorts of questions about my health and finally I just blurted out, “Do you think I have endometriosis?” And she responded, “I think you might.” Now I hadn’t done much research on this because I was letting nature take its course and also, the internet is a deep, dark hole where you can diagnose yourself incorrectly for 13 different things in a matter of minutes. I wanted to hear it from my doctor but endometriosis was really my suspicion because of my extreme and horrendous periods. Not to be TMI, just being honest.

My doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound to check out the endometriosis situation for two weeks later. I was a little nervous but looking forward to having some answers. My appointment was scheduled for a Monday morning and I was supposed to welcome aunt flo the Wednesday before this. A week before the ultrasound I had started re-watching Grey’s Anatomy and I found myself crying, like bawling crying, while watching. I thought it was a little weird because I mean, I’ve seen it before and it’s only a tv show. I just wrote it off as PMS. Fast forward to Wednesday and my very on time period was a day late. I thought, “Hm, this is weird.” But didn’t want to take a pregnancy test because if you’ve ever taken one and gotten a negative result you know there really isn’t a much worse feeling. The next morning, still nothing so I thought, “Well I have one test in the cabinet, I might as well take it.” Low and behold it was an almost instant POSITIVE. Peter happened to be traveling, OF COURSE, so I seriously just sat there in total shock. I couldn’t even believe it! I immediately told Walden who of course was just as thrilled 😉 I also promptly called my doctor to say cancel that ultrasound, we’ve got a baby over here!

One thing I want to note because I always ask this when I read similar posts (and I’ve had a number of friends ask too): did you track your period/did you use ovulation kits? Yes, I tracked my period beginning in August through mid-January. I stopped in mid-January because it was too stressful and I thought, I am going to just go with the flow. And well, you know now how that turned out! I’ve heard this numerous times now but truly, I think tracking can stress you out. It’s good to do in the beginning so you can understand how your cycle works and when you are ovulating but it can become an obsession and stress you out beyond belief. As far as ovulation kits go, I don’t remember what month but I used them for one week when I was supposedly ovulating and it never worked. Not sure if it was something on my part or the kits fault but regardless, I personally didn’t find them to be helpful.

Anyway! Peter was due to come back that night and there was no way I was telling him on the phone so I waited all day, which was complete TORTURE! I also took another test while at work just to be sure. I think I was so surprised I needed double confirmation. Once again, it read positive almost immediately!

Months ago I had ordered a daddy book and an “I ❤ Daddy” onesie to give to Peter when the time came to tell him we were pregnant. I picked him up from the airport and we started chatting about random stuff, meanwhile, I was about to burst. We finally got home and while Peter was going through mail etc I handed him the box and said, “Oh by the way, I got you a little just because present.” He was so confused and also exhausted but as soon as he read the card on top he goes “ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!!” It was just the most special, wonderful moment and one that will be ingrained in my memory forever.

Whenever someone has asked me over the last 17 weeks how I’m feeling my response is always, “I feel good!” because honestly I do! I think especially in comparison to other women who have horrendous first trimester experiences, I was pretty lucky. For me, the most prominent symptoms were:

  • Extreme fatigue (I was taking naps in my car every day at lunch!)
  • Nausea in between meals. If I didn’t eat every 2 hours I felt so incredibly nauseous it was horrible.
  • I was also fairly emotional, once again crying during Grey’s Anatomy and also crying thinking about how much I love Peter.
  • I wanted to eat all the carbs. I’m generally a pretty healthy eater but I wanted to eat pizza, mac n’ cheese, bagels and bread all the live long day.
  • I also had extreme aversions to random foods that would change every single day. For example, one day I would be dying for curry soup and the next day I couldn’t even look at the leftovers, it would make my stomach turn. My biggest aversion was probably to meats in general, which was tough because I really need to stay on top of my protein intake. It just made me sick to even think of eating it.
  • I am a HUGE chocolate person, I usually have it every single day but during my first trimester I barely wanted it and instead craved all of the gummy bears/candy possible.
  • I have also been craving and drinking a glass of orange juice every. single. morning. and sometimes at night. It just takes so dang good to me!

Now that I’m into my second trimester I am really feeling more like myself and back to eating healthier while not depriving myself of something I crave. In general I follow an “in moderation” lifestyle and I’ve kind of carried that into pregnancy.

Also, we are NOT finding out the sex of the baby! We went back and forth for most of the first trimester and finally decided we want to be surprised on delivery day. The anticipation is already killing me but I just keep dreaming of that moment when the doctor says, “IT’S A _____!” And when Peter gets to go to the waiting room and announce to our whole family. Those are some really good motivating factors to stay patient over the next 23 weeks! Let me know if you have any guesses based on my symptoms, cravings etc.

And with that short novella, I bid you adieu. I know this was lengthy but really wanted to get it all down! I can’t wait to share the rest of this journey with you all. Thank you again for all of the love and support!

Love, PGA

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