Must Read Summer Books!

At the beginning of last summer I decided it was high time I start reading again. I found myself watching so much tv, which don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of amazing shows I watch but I needed something that worked my brain in a different way. Here we are (over) a year later and I have read so many wonderful books! You can find all of my books posts here.

I’ve read the following books sporadically over the last few months so I’m just including them all in a must read summer list! I am back on my usual monthly book reading wagon and can’t wait to share more with you soon.

Necessary Lies

I read this on our trip to San Francisco and I couldn’t put it down! Normally I am a total zombie on plane rides, always falling asleep minutes after take off but this book kept me awake for about 80% of our flights. I honestly didn’t expect it to engross me as much as it did but the characters are so well-developed and you grow really fond of them you can’t help turning page after page. It also took so many unexpected twists and turns, which kept me breezing through. The book follows two sisters in the 1960’s as they grow up and work on a southern plantation. Due to their poverty level they are assigned a social worker and that’s where we (the readers) come in! We meet all of these characters as the girls are assigned a new social worker. The story (based on a true one!) is heart wrenching and as you read I promise you will want to scream and cry a couple of times. I loved this book because it is a little heavier and more serious topic wise but extremely easy to read.

The Kind Worth Killing

Quite possibly my favorite book of the last year! I want to read all of Peter Swanson’s books now. I couldn’t put this book down, I ended up reading it in a day and a half! That’s what first trimester reading will get you – lots of time on the couch. Okay so this book takes place in New England and changes points of view between the various characters. I seriously LOVE when an author does this because I feel like you get a really interesting, full perspective of the plot. Two of the main characters meet by chance in a London airport bar where the man says in passing that he wants to kill his wife. Dun, dun, dun! It so happens these two characters are on the same flight back to the states together and end up arranging to sit together and discuss the man’s feelings further. The plot ROCKETS off from there. I mean, non-stop. You will fly through this book. It is extremely well written and every single chapter ends up with a cliff hanger. Seriously, every time I thought, “Okay, at the end of this chapter I’ll take a break and go eat, fold laundry, shower etc.” I couldn’t! I had to keep turning the pages. READ THIS NOW!!!

The Hopefuls

After reading such a thriller of a book with The Kind Worth Killing I knew I needed something a bit more lighthearted. Well not only did The Hopefuls deliver but I became obsessed with these characters and the world of DC. The book follows a young woman as her and her husband move to DC so he can begin his career in politics. They end up meeting another couple who they become fast friends with and we are immediately thrown into the thralls of DC politics. After reading this I felt like it was such an accurate representation of what living in Washington is really like. It’s a world I’ve wondered and heard about but have no personal experience in so reading this book completely fascinated me. I was honestly pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this book. This right is the ULTIMATE beach/vacation read. Scoop it up for your next long weekend or upcoming trip!

The Ship of Brides

Okay, so listen I LOVED Me Before You when I read it last summer so I was beyond excited when I stumbled upon this unknown Moyes book in Goodwill a few months back. I couldn’t wait to jump in. Honestly, this book left me underwhelmed. It took me a month to read, which is long considering it is a standard 300 page book. The story follows a former war ship filled with brides who married soldiers during World War I. These brides are traveling from Australia to England to meet up with their new husbands post-war and the book chronicles their journey. Specifically, the journeys of three women and how tumultuous and emotional this transition is for them. This book is actually based on true accounts so that alone I found to be fascinating as I never knew this took place but overall I felt it moved a little slow. At some points, especially about half way through I started really getting into it as more started happening and the plot moved quicker but in the end, I was a bit disappointed by this book. I will definitely keep Moyes on my short list though because I’ve heard excellent things about many of her other books!

I Let You Go

I just finished this book last week and it was such a shocker! I went into it with a certain expectation based on the description but HOLY SMOKES was I wrong. Once again, this book changes perspective between a couple of different characters and it makes the book that much more interesting. Without giving too much away, this book is about the events that lead up to and follow the tragic death of a young boy. This book is completely enthralling, which is exactly what I needed since it was the first book I had picked up in 6 weeks. You’re sad, anxious, terrified, excited, frustrated, happy – all the best emotions for book reading, if you ask me! I promise once you start, you won’t be able to put it down! I loved this one.

The Things We Keep

I read Sally Hepworth’s The Secrets of Midwives last summer and absolutely LOVED it. You can see my review here. I flew through it and just really enjoyed her writing and the pace of the book. The Things We Keep is written in a very similar way, where we hear from the perspective of three different characters throughout, which I always love. This book follows Kate as she learns of and struggles with her diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s (she’s in her thirties). Honestly, I really enjoyed this book and thought the story and characters were wonderful but I wasn’t running to read it every day during my lunch break. It took me a solid month to finish this book, which could really just be from my pregnancy brain going in and out of focusing on a book, ha! Either way, I love Hepworth’s work but would definitely recommend reading The Secrets of Midwives before this as I really enjoyed that so much more.

Woohoo for books, guys! I sound like such a nerd but I have really enjoyed rediscovering my love for reading and I can’t wait to get back on the wagon. Summer is the absolute perfect time for reading so send me your recommendations, please! And let me know if you enjoy any of these books. Happy, happy Monday!!



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