Friday Links!

Yay, FRIDAY!!! This week felt long, guys. And boy was it hot. But so happy and thankful it’s the weekend. We are in full on kitchen renovation mode now, which is both very exciting and very chaotic. I can’t wait to share the results, Peter is working tirelessly to get the job done. Little baby is a bit over 25 weeks and a busy bee, moving and grooving all around. He/she especially loves food (goes crazy right after), when I lay down and when Peter is talking, singing, playing guitar. The absolute sweetest. We are getting so anxious to meet this peanut!

Here’s a little bit of randomness for your Friday, hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

A quick, easy way to relax and calm yourself down.

My current go to summer sandal! I have worn these almost every single day for the last two months. They’re THAT good. Comfortable, cute and go with every outfit – must haves!

Basically, the best list of superfood recipes ever (bonus is that they all look absolutely DELICIOUS!)

Keeping my eye on all things mama and nursing friendly and Roolee just nailed it with these dresses!

I’m always looking for new beauty/skincare products at reasonable prices. This list of best Amazon deals has been bookmarked for my next shopping spree. 

Perspective changing pieces of advice. The one about dogs legitimately brought tears to my eyes and made me want to go home and snuggle Walden immediately.

Not ashamed to admit that I basically have zero clue what I’m doing when it comes to make-up so these helpful charts are total game changers.

Looking to kill some time? These 19 wiki pages will fill a good couple hours. I’m already obsessively looking at them!

Always thinking ahead these days and I love the list Lynzy has put together for packing your hospital bag! Ps there’s a killer giveaway for any mama’s to be too!

Probably the best, most helpful, genius trick ever written. Netflix obsessed, you’re welcome!

While our bedroom is already done, I love all things home design and these ideas are simple but so impactful!

Beautiful, timeless jewelry pieces. 

Major kitchen hacks to make time in the kitchen so. much. easier!

As we think about getting ready for the baby I’m already obsessively cleaning and organizing in my mind so this cleaning list has definitely been saved to make life much more efficient. Post renovation, of course!

Give me all the snacks!!!

One of the biggest struggles with eating healthy is keeping the grocery bill down. These recipes are healthy, delicious and won’t kill your bank account. Win, win, win!



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