Our Second Anniversary!

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Today Peter and I celebrate two years as husband and wife. I love anniversaries. We also always celebrate our dating anniversary (which was back in June) because these days remind us of the years and memories we’ve shared together. They are precious to me.

So today I want to say Happy Anniversary to my love!!! I am grateful each and every day to be your wife. I love that I get to explore this beautiful life right by your side. This year I am especially emotional (#hormones) in the best way possible because as a new chapter begins for our growing family, with our greatest blessing, the chapter of just the two of us is closing. To say we are blessed is an understatement. Just love your people, friends. At the end of the day, they are all we truly have and all that truly matter.

In honor of our anniversary I wanted to share some photos of us from the last year. Mostly for me to look back and remember but also, I always love looking at people’s pictures, ha! So if you’re like me, here ya go!

Ps – we get to enjoy that cake again tonight and I can’t. even. wait.








Now onto year three and the next chapter of our journey as the Adams family!!



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