Pregnancy: the second half


Photos by My Motherhood Story

As I’m sure is clear by now, I’ve fallen way off my blogging wagon while being pregnant. No rhyme or reason except that life is just busy and I had to prioritize what I focused on. I still absolutely love this space and the way it allows me to discuss my favorite things and create a memory book of sorts to look back on in the years to come. With that being said, I couldn’t let my pregnancy come to an almost close without recapping the (more than) second half since my first trimester update. So, here it goes – everything from the second and third trimester of my pregnancy with Baby Adams!

As I write this I am currently 36 weeks pregnant. I remember when I was 5,6,7 weeks along and this stage in my pregnancy seemed light years away. I am so grateful to be here with each passing day bringing us closer to meeting our precious blessing of a child. The wonderment is not lost on me. Pretty much ever.

So what they say is true, the second trimester is the best trimester! Not catchy to say but seriously oh so true. Ha! I felt more myself, my body truly started to look pregnant and not like I ate one too many pieces of pizza and I had a normal, steady appetite with fewer aversions.

Random facts:

I have been emotional all the time. I am thrilled beyond belief for this child and am happy always that we have been blessed with such a gift but I could honestly cry at the drop of a hat at any moment.

Chocolate almond milk is everything. Every single morning.

Still loving all the gummy candy.

Added dark chocolate almond butter cups to my list of daily needs.

While I’m not repulsed by chicken or meat anymore, I don’t find myself craving it or having a deep desire for it. I can totally eat a mainly vegetarian diet. Peter laughs because usually when I do eat/cook meat it’s turkey/chicken sausage so we joke and say this baby is going to turn into one. Mom and dad jokes already, ha!

Sleep is rough. While I am tired all the time, I have started to not sleep well. For two reasons: 1. I am a stomach sleeper and sleeping on my sides for the past 9 months is officially old. 2. I have to get up to pee like 5 times every night. Everyone says the lack of sleep now is preparing me for when baby arrives!

I love seeing my belly grow and take shape.

We had our second ultrasound at 19 weeks and it was incredible to see how much our baby has grown since our first one at 7 weeks. It also makes it feel so incredibly real when you see their little fingers, toes and face.

At 30 weeks we learned this little angel was breech. Cue constant anxiety on my part as well as walking, inversions and standing as much as possible. Walden is definitely happy about the more walking part as Peter and I take him on walks every morning and night now.

Today, 36 weeks + 2 days, we had another ultrasound and our little babe is no longer breech. I can’t tell you the amount of RELIEF this has brought to Peter and me. We are shocked at how much calmer we now feel as we approach the birth. It was also INCREDIBLE to see how much the baby has changed and grown. If you saw my Instagram post of the sonogram last week, you know this babe has big feet, we were dying!


At 37 weeks this babe is the size of a honeydew melon!

Favorite wardrobe pieces:

Guys, maternity clothes are expensive! And usually I don’t have an issue justifying more expensive pieces because I am making an investment in something I can wear for many years to come, but maternity clothes are not really those types of pieces. Yes, I will wear them through (God willing!) multiple pregnancies but it just isn’t the same. Which leads me to my pregnancy wardrobe strategy. Buy the maternity pants. You have to, honestly, nothing else really fits. I like the full belly band ones, I’ve found they stay up really well but it is all a matter of personal preference. I know some people hate them and only like the half panel – just find what works for you! Thankfully my mom gifted me a couple pairs of pants, a cute flowy maternity top and a beautiful dress for dressier occassions. Other than that, I really have tried to find non-maternity pieces that fit and can be worn after I’m pregnant so I can really get my money’s worth. I do have to say I got pretty lucky for the time of year in which I was pregnant. Summer pregnancy is perfect for wearing dresses 24/7, which truly is what I did. Here are a few of my must have items for pregnancy:

  • Fitted tanks

    I love the Two-Way Seamless Tanks from Nordstrom – size up one if pregnant – but they are currently sold out! Keep an eye but these are some great alternatives: this, this, this.

  • Undershirts

    These are perfect under anything but especially non-maternity tops that might be a little shorter – I bought my regular size small.

  • Bodycon dresses

    Perfect for showing off the bump! I found some at H&M and at Marshalls – size depends on stage of pregnancy but I have H&M ones in my regular size small and others one size up – I love this, this, this and this!

  • Maxi dresses

    You can find these anywhere, I ordered my regular size as they are usually loose fitting – love this and this.

  • Long cardigans

    I’ve found really cute ones at Nordstrom (this and this), Abercrombie & Fitch (this, this, this), Urban Outfitters (this, this, this) and Loft (this, this, this) – ordered my regular size in all.

  • Maternity pants (

    Light jeans, dark jeans, white jeans, green jeans

Worst symptoms:

I think for me the worst were the aversions during my first trimester, the nausea in between eating (thankfully never getting sick!) and the exhaustion. I am still SO beyond tired every single day but somehow once nighttime hits I’m wide awake. IT FIGURES!

Pregnancy related items I’ve loved:

These maternity jeans have been key, especially the last few weeks as the weather has cooled down. I also LOVE these 2 belly lotions/butters (this and this) and like most moms lately, I loved this book.

Currently having trouble with:

Now that this little one has flipped to the head down position it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. For the last 6 weeks that was really the biggest thing I was struggling with. Currently, it’s just the emotional side of things. This might sound a little selfish but I’m sure a lot of first time moms (and even second, third, fourth time moms!) can relate. I can’t wait for this sweet baby to arrive, it has been my dream to be a mother ever since I can remember. But, and this is the tiniest but, I am a little sad that this chapter of just me and Peter is coming to a close. It has just been the two of us for almost 10 years (and 6 with our sweet Walden) so I’m having a bittersweet feeling of that time in our lives ending, even though it is the best most incredible thing to ever happen to our lives!

Moments I’ve loved:

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed pregnancy! I’ve been blessed with a fairly smooth 9 month journey that has made the entire process easy to love. But if I’m getting picky, I really love feeling the baby move, watching Peter talk to and feel the baby and the nightly stories we read to him/her. We also just set the crib up and that made it all feel incredibly real – like there will be a real life human baby living in that room very shortly. Peter and I both stood there completely thrilled and a bit stunned at how amazing it is that we are this close to meeting our child.

Planning to do for myself:

I am hoping to get a massage this weekend and a pedicure in the next two weeks or so!


Gummy candy, chocolate almond butter cups, chocolate almond milk. Peter made his first late night run for sour gummy candy and coconut water the other night. Bless his heart, the best husband.

Currently working on:

Getting our birth plan together, packing our hospital bags and finishing up the nursery! While I know to expect the unexpected with labor and delivery, there are certain things I want to have planned out so my doctor knows my preferences and so Peter is prepared in case of a situation where I can’t answer for myself.

I think that sums it up! I will be sure to update more frequently as even just writing this post brought me so much joy. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate that we are able to grow our family and welcome our child into the world. Keep an eye on my Instagram for more updates as I definitely share there more often!

Also, I just have to give my girl Victoria at My Motherhood Story a major shout out for not only being an incredible friend but an amazing photographer! She captured this time before I become a mother so perfectly, I will be forever grateful to her for bestowing me with such a precious gift. Love you, Tor!!!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

Love, PGA




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