Photo by Victoria Gloria Photography

Welcome, friends!!! It is so lovely to meet you and have you here with us. My name is Page, I am 27 years old and married to my Maine man, Peter. We live in a sweet colonial in Connecticut with our nugget labradoodle, Walden. We love the easy, laid back, joy filled life and PIZZA. Pizza all day e’ry day, please.


I grew up in Connecticut with my parents, two brothers and sister. Along with Peter and Walden, they are my world. I could not ask for a better support system who has taught me and seen me through every moment of life. I am also blessed with incredible in-laws and a sister-in-law, brother-in-law and precious nephew and niece. I am sure you will see all of these wonderful people pop up every once and a while.


I love to travel, cook, read, exercise, quilt (just a newbie!), spend time with my family and be outside as much as possible. Also, I’m providing fair warning that I’m a bit Real Housewives and Bachelor & Bachelorette obsessed. I just can’t help it #guiltypleasures. I am silly, a little shy at times, joyful, loving, easy going and love to care for the ones I love.


Peter and I love to work on our home, most especially him as he is the handiest man ever. We have been fixing it up over the last three years and have learned a lot through the process. Don’t worry, we will be sharing useful DIY projects and ideas along the way!

I currently work as the Marketing Coordinator for my family’s commercial real estate company. I absolutely LOVE my job and getting to work alongside my dad and brother. I am thrilled to now build a community here that is filled with sharing, kindness, love and joy. Life can have glorious peaks and character building valleys but I feel like if we can build each other up and share the positive glimmers in our daily lives, we will all be better for it.


I hope you will join me on this journey as we get to know each other, I explore this amazing, creative outlet and share bits of life in general that I think we can all benefit from! Always remember, focus on the joy in your heart. Choosing joy each and every day is a conscious decision we can make to better ourselves and our lives.

Love, The Adams