Must Read Summer Books!

At the beginning of last summer I decided it was high time I start reading again. I found myself watching so much tv, which don't get me wrong, I have plenty of amazing shows I watch but I needed something that worked my brain in a different way. Here we are (over) a year later [...]

January Books

Long time no see, book review blog post! It has been a daaaayyyyy since I wrote a review of books I've been reading. Mostly because the holidays came along and I got so busy with enjoying family, eating, shopping and just being present I really wasn't reading a whole lot! That is until the week [...]

October Books

Guys, I'm finally back on the book grind!!! WOOHOO!!!! September was a rough reading month as I tried to step out and read books that were out of the ordinary for me. Lesson learned. When I started reading back in May it was because I had this eureka moment where I said, "read books in [...]

July books

I feel like I blinked and July is over. Unfortunately, that seems to be the theme of summer! I've probably said to everyone I've seen over the last week but I always approach summer thinking I have so much time to relax and enjoy. Then all of a sudden its August 10th and I'm not [...]

Friday Favorites

Summer essentials edition!!! Happy weekend, friends! Long time, no see. I took a little hiatus to really enjoy my vacation and soak in all of the relaxation. You might have seen some of our fun over on my Instagram. We had a wonderful, sun filled weekend living the simple life. It was lovely! Now on [...]

June books

Reading, my favorite hobby as of late. You know when you fill out college applications or they ask you on Facebook or in an interview, "what are your hobbies?" Reading always seemed like a good default hobby to add. Bulk up the list. But really, really I am loving reading right now. Now it has [...]