How you doin’, 2017 goals?

I don't think I am alone in this thought: A new year comes and we have such hope for what it could hold, the dreams we want to chase, the goals we want to accomplish. So we set out with huge ambitions and without a particular strategy or habits or practices or a method of [...]


Get a Christmas tree! And we did! We cut down a fresh tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and it brought me such joy. Decorate the tree while listening to Christmas music Done too! This is one of our very favorite traditions. Bake Christmas cookies (with more Christmas music!) Because what is better than a house [...]

October Goals

I honestly can't believe it's October! Obviously, I am in love with this month and the beautiful weather it brings but time is flying by. Basically living with this mentality all month long: Be intentional with my time Really for me, this has a lot to do with my phone. So much of my blogging [...]

September Goals

Hello, there my old friends!! It's been 2 weeks I think (yikes!) since I shared on here. This was mostly because I was hosting the amazing giveaway with JORD and was focusing on that. Sorry for the silence! Here's a cute picture of my puppy sister Piper to make up for my absence... But also, [...]

August Intentions

Well hello there!! It's been a month since I've shared my intentions and believe it or not, that was INTENTIONAL. I know, I know, I'm hilarious.... The last time I focused on my intentions and goals for the week was leading up to the Fourth of July. Upon my return I realized it might be [...]

Get your sweat on

Doing a happy Thursday dance over here!!! I wanted to pop in and drop a quick workout playlist here for you. I've been lacking gym motivation the last two weeks just because, post vacation, life, ya know, same old excuses. But music always helps turn that around and just listening to this playlist at home [...]

Let’s do this, Monday!

Good morning, Monday!!! Well friends, I'm pretty proud of myself for how I focused on my intentions last week. Finish my next book - done! Onto the next already and loving it.  Focus on the task at hand - improvement, always working on this.  Get outside - done! We spent almost all weekend outside working [...]

Can’t Monday be a funday, too?!

Monday...that came quickly!! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We got a ton done around the house and then yesterday was absolutely gorgeous so we went out for a great hike with Walden. I seriously love how happy it makes him to be running around like a nutcase. I wanted to start a series [...]