October Goals

I honestly can't believe it's October! Obviously, I am in love with this month and the beautiful weather it brings but time is flying by. Basically living with this mentality all month long: Be intentional with my time Really for me, this has a lot to do with my phone. So much of my blogging [...]

September Goals

Hello, there my old friends!! It's been 2 weeks I think (yikes!) since I shared on here. This was mostly because I was hosting the amazing giveaway with JORD and was focusing on that. Sorry for the silence! Here's a cute picture of my puppy sister Piper to make up for my absence... But also, [...]

August Intentions

Well hello there!! It's been a month since I've shared my intentions and believe it or not, that was INTENTIONAL. I know, I know, I'm hilarious.... The last time I focused on my intentions and goals for the week was leading up to the Fourth of July. Upon my return I realized it might be [...]