Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone!!! I wish I could say we are experiencing lovely fall weather here in New England but nope, quite the opposite. Hot and humid. And sticky. My least favorite. I was just about ready to put the AC units away last week but thankfully we didn't as they were on full blast last [...]

Friday favorites.

Hello, Friday, my old friend!!! Pretend I'm singing that to you right now! I am so happy to see this day arrive. I have a whole random slew of favorites this week. This is stuff I realized over the last few days make me feel really good about myself in a simple beauty kind of [...]

July books

I feel like I blinked and July is over. Unfortunately, that seems to be the theme of summer! I've probably said to everyone I've seen over the last week but I always approach summer thinking I have so much time to relax and enjoy. Then all of a sudden its August 10th and I'm not [...]

Greek Zoodles

I know what you're thinking, "Zoodles, again?!" But I'm telling you, "YES, zoodles, again!!!" They are absolutely delicious and in the summer when I don't want to turn the oven or stove on out of fear of legit heat stroke, I turn to the zoodler. This recipe is super easy and makes a nice big [...]

Life lately.

Life lately around the Adams home has been busy, busy, busy. I guess most people say that and it sounds quite generic but for us - it's true! I've been Peter's diligent assistant whenever possible on our renovation projects and we've been trying to throw in some breaks here and there to actually enjoy our [...]

Friday Favorites

Summer essentials edition!!! Happy weekend, friends! Long time, no see. I took a little hiatus to really enjoy my vacation and soak in all of the relaxation. You might have seen some of our fun over on my Instagram. We had a wonderful, sun filled weekend living the simple life. It was lovely! Now on [...]

June books

Reading, my favorite hobby as of late. You know when you fill out college applications or they ask you on Facebook or in an interview, "what are your hobbies?" Reading always seemed like a good default hobby to add. Bulk up the list. But really, really I am loving reading right now. Now it has [...]